Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas 2009

This Christmas it was our turn to have Haven, we love having our entire family with us for the holiday.

Christmas Eve

Santa Piles




Opening Presants at Crystal and Spencer's home!

I felt bad for John he has been working himself to death these past few weeks he needed a little nap before he had to go back to work.

Monday, December 21, 2009

We are nine strong and counting

Today I looked out the window and saw Royal Wayne, Haven and Kaitlen had cornered our neighbors little boy. Kaitlen had a broom and was poking him with it, Haven was yelling at him and Wayne was pounding his fist into his hand. Curious what was going on I walk out side, the kids came up to me and were telling me that the boy was getting his "pay back" that they were all sick of him hurting them. That he had kicked Payten, bit one of them, Kicked William in the wiener (kids words not mine) he hite Trey while Crystal was standing there then lied about it to her. I of course told them that it isn't nice to hurt other people and that they should say I'm sorry. So Kaitlen decided they needed to say sorry and be the "Bigger people" again kids words not mine. I know this isn't funny but I laughed because our kids stuck up for each other they were nine strong and were not going to allow someone to hurt any of them. Little miss Haven wanted to feed him to the goat, Wayne just wanted to hit him and Kaitlen enjoyed poking him with a broom. Now I know this isn't how we are supposed to act, however I love that they all LOVE each other so much that they won't just stand there and let someone hurt one of there family members.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Pregnant and Christmas Shopping

Yesterday John and I went out to get our shopping started we were excited and hoping for some great deals. As the day went on we were doing good we had evenly split our money so each child would have the same amount of gifts, we found the cutest Santa gift for Payten everything was going great until........

FOOT\CALF cramps hit me I could hardly walk to a bench to sit down I had silent tears running down my checks all I wanted to do was cry on John's arm until the cramps went away. We decided to go home and come back when Payten was in bed and I had some rest. I get such horrible leg\feet\calf cramps when I'm pregnant that many nights I can't sleep because of a cramp. So wish me luck we still need to get a few more things for them here is to more cramps to come!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


"I started this Post Last Wednesday"

Today Mom and Crystal needed to run to the store to pick up a few last minute items for our Thanksgiving dinner. I knew that the stores would be insane so I told Crystal that I would keep an eye on her kids for her. Last minute shopping is hard enough without kids in toe. I was making them some grilled cheese for lunch and happened to look out the kitchen window there on the trampoline was six happy beautiful children. I stooped what I was doing and looked at each one of them and it hit me that even though this has been one of the hardest years our family has ever had to endure we still have so much to be thankful for.

I am thankful for William, he is always such a big help with the younger children. He always makes sure that Jayden and Payten are taken care of that no one is mean to them.

I am thankful for Wayne, he always makes me laugh he tries so HARD at everything he does. He won the Kindergarten Turkey Trot this year at his school I was so proud of him.

I am thankful for Trey, he LOVES LOVES every holiday with a passion no matter how small the decorations he thinks they are all so pretty. He also takes care of Payten for me she is his best friend!

I am thankful for Jayden, she playes with my monster even though Payten is SOOOO mean to her. Jayden always gives me hugs and she loves to show me her pretty hair.

I am thankful for Kaitlen, she is such a big help with Payten. I love how she loves to learn and how excited she gets when it is library day. I love that she is almost eight and still hates to get her hair brushed.

I am thankful for Payten, she makes me smile a hundred times a day. I love her love for animals. Her concern for anyone that is hurt and her thirst for adventure. That baby is never at a loss for something to do.

As I stood at the window I thought of Miss Izzy and how sweet she is; she has brought so much joy to Amanda and John. I love seeing her grow and learn new things. Haven is also a sweet heart and has grown up so much over these last years. She is an awesome big sister and is SO excited for a baby brother. Sage was also on my mind I am thankful for him for allowing me to be his Aunt and for always having a smile on his face when I held him. I am thankful for his sweet spirit and the memories I will always have of him.

Monday, November 9, 2009

3 years and counting

On Wednesday it will be our 3rd anniversary we are excited and can't believe it has only been three years for some reason it feels like ten. We have decided to take the girls and fly to Vegas for a few days. I know what you are thinking what the heck is in Vegas for kids well we are going to see a Circus act, some pirates sink a ship, a water show and the M@M factory. Sounds like a blast to me! I'm going to try to do as much walking as I can but my 'ligament pain' I get when I'm pregnant makes walking long periods very painful but I'm in it till John has to get a wheelchair for me. Did I mention that the flight is FREE ! Kaitlen is so excited to get to go on an airplane!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The biggest Surprise of our life

Last Friday I had my 19 week ultrasound, for some reason just trying to get to the doctor was such a pain. I had to barrow Mom's car witch I hate doing because it NEVER fails that the one afternoon I need it so does everyone else. RaLee needed drooped off at the school at 4 but I had to leave at 3:30 to make it to my appointment. She was a sweety and didn't mind to much that I had to drop her off almost an hour early. On top of that John forgot to leave me Payten's seat so the entire 15 mile drive I'm praying I don't get in to an accident or pulled over. I HATE not having her seat but I had no choice I had to take her with me. Next D.J or Dad not sure witch one drove Mom's car until it was nearly empty, me being a cheap-o was not going to buy gas at Chevron not when the Shell station up the road is cheaper. Half way there I'm praying that I will make it I should have paid the extra 15 cents at Chevron. I make it to the gas station and the doctor's what a relief that was. I hurry and get the kids inside a few minutes later John comes in, I'm always happy to see him. The secretary at the desk informs me that they made a mistake and my ultrasound is supposed to be at the Chandler office. WHAT I was thinking I have never even been to that office, I was a little mad because of all the stress I had just trying to make it 15 miles up the road. They called around and the office on Power Rd. the tech said she would wait for us to get there. We hurried and got to power in about 20 minutes or so. She began the ultrasound and so far so good everything was looking good then she told us the news that has changed our lives forever we are having a little boy not a girl. John and I are so excited for a son I think we both thought that we would never get one. Now we are having the wonderful time of trying to name him we both have very different likes when it comes to boy names I'm not to worried we have 20 more weeks before he gets here.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bad Hair Day

Crystal was so kind to watch our girls for us so we could go on a much needed date. While we were gone she did the girls hair in bobby pin curls. She told us that Kaitlen needed a lot of perswation, that she promised her that when she was done that Kaitlen's hair would look like Taylor Swift's hair. Aunt Crystal also told K-T that if her cousins laughed at her that she would hit them in the nose.

The next morning when I took out the girl's bobby pin's I was surprised to see that my beautiful little girl's had African American hair. We laughed and laughed especially over Kaitlen's hair.

Miss Payten

I LOVE her eyes in this picture.

HAHAHA she was not happy with her results. As she put it Taylor Swift does not have this kind of hair.

Grandma had to beg her to let her take a picture.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy Late Birthday John

I'm so horrible that I haven't blogged John's 33 birthday. My sweet "old man" turned 33 on October 2 he thinks that being almost 5 years older then me makes him my old man. I say he is the best and I'm very lucky to have him. I wished I could have bought him a million things for his birthday but we had just started work so instead we stayed home and Mom made him a Peanut butter cheese cake (John's Favorite) Crystal and Spencer gave him two movie passes and Amanda and John gave him a Chillies gift card. Crystal watched our girls for us, so we could go on our date it was so much fun. We had not been on a date with each other in over two years. Needless to say we had a great time. I think the best gift was finding out we are having another baby girl!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

16 weeks

I woke up Wednesday morning with horrible side stomach pains I wasn't too concerned because I thought it was my ligaments stretching. By Thursday night the pain was worse so John and I went to the ER. After hours we finally got a room then we waited another hour or so before a doctor came in. She ordered blood tests, an ultrasound and a stinking pelvic exam. When the nurse came into draw my blood I very politely told the nurse that I was not having any problems down their that I didn't think that an exam was necessary. She told me because I was pregnant I had to have one. Super long story I only needed 2 pokes before they found my vain, A nurse almost walked in on the doctor while I was getting my pelvic exam (John talked me into getting it)The best part was John was able to see the baby during the ultrasound. I wasn't able to see the baby because the screen wasn't facing me. After HOURS the doctor came in she told me I had a vaginal infection witch was news to me because like I said that area was not bothering me. My side pain was not the baby, that maybe it was gas pains. so we left and got home just in time to get Kaitlen ready for school. What a crazy night

Oh one more thing our baby is a GIRL!! The ultrasound tech having six girls of his own; did not want to tell John that the baby was a girl. John was a little disappointed but over all he was happy that SHE is healthy, he loved seeing her move around it was the longest ultrasound I had ever had nearly 45 minutes long. I just can't believe we are going to have 4 GIRLS how exciting.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

People of Walmart

I saw this on a friends blog and laugh all day yesterday. I have tried to get the link on my blog but it's just not working out for me. I was able to get some pictures from the site but there are so many take a look at the web site it is...... it is very funny. I'm going to make sure I dress up to go into walmart for now on that's for sure.

Tramp Stamped
Sanford And Son
Look At Me!
The Irony Of “Self Checkout”
Not Even Close

Sunday, September 27, 2009


John started his new job today! He is staying at a really nice hotel with all meals paid for!When he called me he was watching football with zero interruptions and no groaning from me because I am bored out of my mind. He was looking forward to dinner they were eating at a taco bar. We asked him to take note on all the toppings because a taco bar sounds yummy. But best of all he is getting PAID for his mini vacation. So I can deal with him being in Dallas for a few days because getting a paycheck is going to be so nice!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

It's time to say goodbye to Huggies

Payten has been showing signs of wanting to potty train for a few months now. I didn't want to push her, she wasn't even two yet. This last week she has peed in the potty a couple times every day. She gets so excited and requires that everyone clap and cheer for her. I think she is ready, I need to go buy her some panties I'm pretty sure she will get it. Wish us luck!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


For five long months John has been out of work along with thousands of other people. In one day he would post 50-100 resumes with no luck. The last week in August in got an interview with Southwest Airlines; we wanted this job it has awesome medical and we would get to fly for FREE. Better yet Haven gets to fly for free no more $300 dollar tickets one way because she is a minor. Since September 11,2001 the FAA has raised security for new hires after almost three long weeks of waiting John got the call we had been waiting for HOORAY! He starts on the 27Th he will fly to Dallas for three days then he comes back to AZ and will be in training another 4 weeks. However the best part is we will be staying in AZ and we get to travel for FREE every week if we wanted to. John already has "friends" calling him up trying to get some of his free buddy passes! I'm just so happy to finally have a job.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Our Baby March 15, 2010



Last Friday, John and I went to our first ultrasound it was exciting seeing our little baby moving around. Even Payten seemed to understand the excitement of seeing our new baby. John wanted me to make sure you all know it’s a BOY and no thoughts of a girl are allowed! 

Last week when I was getting my blood work done I noticed that I was being checked for HIV that freaked me out. I don’t know why but I just kept on thinking what if I somehow got HIV from a nurse when I had Payten or  a mosquitoe bite. So on Friday I was happy to learn I AM disease free.  John of course thought I was being silly but to me it was a good news day!  

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"Flower's for your girl"

Mom and Dad AKA Teele and Liz have a family living in a 5Th wheel trailer next to the barn. They have four small boys that LOVE to come over and play as soon as the sun is up or Kaitlen is off the school bus. The part that bugs me is the Mother lets her 2 year old come over to play with the older 2 boys, Payten is almost 2 and I would never just open my backdoor and ship her out for hours at a time. Anyway the oldest boy "Jerry" has a crush on our Kaitlen, the other night when John was doing homework with her we heard a loud knock on the door. John was a little annoyed he had already argued with the boys that it was time to go home. When he went to the back door there was Jerry holding up a bunch of weeds he then told John "I brought flowers for your girl" John came back in the kitchen and told Kaitlen that her boyfriend brought her some flowers needless to say we have all laughed hard over this one. We think that Jerry has some kind of learning disability he talks like he is two and he can't seem to remember "the girl's" name. Kaitlen gets embarrassed when we call him her boyfriend she says he doesn't even know my name that he is just fun to play with.

Kaitlen's first flowers!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Slow 2 weeks

Kaitlen started second grade on Monday, she LOVES it! Her first day she was sad that she didn't get homework until the second week of school, I'm glad that school is fun for her. Payten misses her when she is gone, heck I miss her also she is such a sweet little girl.

we are loving her new hair cut!

Haven went home to Montana on July, 22 we all miss her a ton. She is doing well and is also looking forward to starting second grade in a few weeks. She seems to love Montana so that's where her Mom has decided to stay!

Payten is almost two she is a doll. I can't believe how much she has learned in the last few months. She is sooo much fun John and I laugh all the time over what she says and does.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Locks of Love

Kaitlen started growing out her hair before she was two. By the time she was four her hair reached her butt, she loved it. Last year all her classmates would call her Rapunzel or Princess Kaitlen she loved the attention. These last couple months she has been telling John and I that she wanted a hair cut; she was tired of her long hair. Today Grandma looked up all the info for donating hair to Locks of Love !
Grandma needed ten healthy inches then she braided it Snip Snip it was done

For the first time since she was in diapers she has short hair !

Grandma is making sure K-T's hair is even.Seven year old smile!

One very happy seven year old

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Up Date

Man have we had a lot going on this month, first I would like to say that John and I are going to be having another baby!! We are due around March 15 and are very excited John is WISHING for a son.

We have decided that we need a change so with one month left in our lease we packed up all of our things and put them in storage except for some clothes and moved in with Mom and Dad for a few months. While John goes to Utah and finds some work and a place to live. I'm excited and looking forward to this new journey. Neither one of us have ever lived in Utah we are just hoping for the best and maybe some green grass.

That's it for us a new baby in the spring and moving to Utah, wish us luck!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


For those of you who don't know it yet Miss RaLee has a blog of her own so go visit it and leave your comments. I can guarantee it is going to make us laugh!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

When it's 108 Outside

When it's to hot to go outside and play a mom has to get creative or her children will slowly start to drive her nuts. We play games such as hide an go seek or find the missing item from the shelf; my favorite is can you solve this riddle this one takes them the longest and of course there favorite is a coloring contest. However when those games get old it's time to break out mom's secret weapons PAINTING and BAKING!!

Painting is always a huge success

"Where is the blue Mom"

Baking Sugar Cookies

They loved this one

Friday, June 26, 2009

He took it off himself

Thursday was Kaitlen's big day her cast was coming off. John left at 1:00 to make it to her 2:00 appointment when he got there the nurse told him that her appointment wasn't until Friday the 26Th. He called me and I told him the appointment reminder card was in the car and it says Thursday the 25Th. After he showed them his proof they told him that her doctor was out of town and that one of the nurses had called me and left a message that her new time was Friday. John knew that was a lie so in his kindest words he told them that they were LAZY and some other choice words that the girls wouldn't repeat! All they would say is that Daddy was really mad at those people. Can you blame him we live a freaking hour away one way, he told them that he would take care of it himself.

He used his leather men, a razor blade and scissors

One very happy little girl

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

John has finally won

Two years ago when we bought our T.v. John tried to talk me into letting us put it in our bedroom and I very firmly told him not a chance. When we moved in our home last September he tried again and I told him no again. Well thanks to the stupid digital conversion our T.V. only gets reception in our room. John has been so pleased with our new set up I'm nor sure if I will ever talk him into moving our T.V. back into the living room

The 13' in the spot of were our 52' is supposed to be.

Our 52' on top of our dresser

Movie time with popcorn on our BED

Pay refused to sleep until it was movie time then she fell asleep on my bed.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


A few months ago I told John that I wanted to go to the library and get some books. With him out of work our 'fun' money has been zero and my boredom has been a million. I have never read Danielle Steel books before and the library has a very large section of her novels. So in my spare time I have had my nose in a book and I have loved it; John gets his ESPN and I get my book.

However these last few weeks I have felt like there is something missing from my life I started to feel unhappy and cranky. Wishing that there was more to 'me' then mother and wife I have never felt this way before I LOVE being both a mother and a wife it's the only thing I have wanted to do. A few days ago it hit me why all a sudden I want more. In my silly books the women are doctors, lawyers, photo journalist they all have amazing careers and travel to France and the East Hampton for summer break; not to mention they are the best mothers ever.

I was laying in bed holding John's hand watching a movie with our three girls surrounding me and it hit me that this is were I want to be; not in the Hampton's or on a beach in France but here in my home on our bed with three of the most amazing little girls and a man that loves me.

I don't know why her stupid stories got to me but I do know that I love being a Mom and a wife that John works so hard for us at a job he hates.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Count to TEN

For Mother's Day Crystal gave Mom, Amanda and me one of the Lillie plants from Sage's funeral it is one of my most treasured gifts. I am not usually good at growing things and keeping them alive, however I am determined to keep my Sage plant green and blooming beautiful Lillie's. After talking to Mom about my plant she gave me some tips to help keep him healthy. Yesterday I left my plant on the kitchen table after I cleaned his leafs and watered him. I went to the computer to check ESPN for John and when I came out this is what I found.

I was so upset with her that I had to count to TEN a few times. I wanted to shake her, yell at her or just cry I was so upset with her. I'm hoping she didn't cause to much damage to my Sage plant.

Friday, June 12, 2009


First one to fall asleep!

First family pet and her frog friend!

First bubble bath!

First time using the computer chair as a rocket!