Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fall is here

Wow time just goes so fast, we are getting ready for our new little man he should be here in the next month. The girls have all adjusted to school and riding the school bus. Caden has potty trained and if you ask him he is "mommies little boy" he is my biggest fan, Caden is never more than 5ft from me. We finally have enough fire wood for the winter and now I'm ready for the first big snow storm of the season. I do miss summer days sitting outside next to a bond fire roasting hot dogs and watching the kids eat marshmallows. But the sooner winter gets here the sooner summer will be back! Next time I blog I'm hoping to be holding my new baby instead of feeling him kick me in my ribs!!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Another Ultra Sound Mistake

We had another Ultra Sound yesterday to make sure baby was growing and that the heart had all the chambers. Well the tech surprised us by informing us that our sweet little girl was a sweet little BOY!! This is the third pregnancy that we have been told the wrong sex at first!!! Regardless of this new piece of news we are still SO excited to be welcoming a new baby into our family!

"BOY oh BOY"

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

SUMMER 2012 is nearly gone

Oh my goodness summer is nearly gone kids start school in a few weeks and we are already getting the woods cut for the winter! We have had a fun summer though with lots of company from my end, we loved having my mom, and two sisters and their family come stay with us for 2 awesome weeks! We had a lot of laughs shared some old memories and made new ones. John and I went through the Spokane Temple on July 20th we felt so blessed to have my family there with us on our special day! We also found out the sex of our baby and after the shock has worn off that I'm going to be the mom of 4 daughters we are so excited to meet our new baby girl!!!  We have since moved from Libby to an even smaller town in MT, our new ward is a branch with only 35 active members! Sometimes I miss the larger wards, but I know our new branch needs us badly. So far no new callings for either one of us, but we know their coming!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

BABY 12/12 and School

March 22,12 John and I learned that we are going to be parents all over again to our surprise baby! It has taken us a few months to get used to having another baby, but once we saw our little bean on the ultrasound it became very real to us that we are growing another blond headed, blue eye baby and we are very excited for this baby. December isn't the idle month to have a baby but like I said it was a SURPRISE :) I'm also glad to report that John and I have just finished another semester of school. Between our four kids, work, church, moving and life in general we always feel so blessed/happy to have successfully finished another semester! Lastly we are SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited for this coming July He and I will be Sealed in the Spokane Washington Temple on July 20th. This is something we have been working for, for a long time but this past year seems like everything has finally come together and now we are ready to make those promises to each other and Heavenly Father!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Kaitlen's School

After talking to my mom, and Crystal they wanted to know what Miss. Kaitlen's school looked like. Tonight I had a chance to go to her school for Payten's Kindergarten Round Up, this gave me the perfect opportunity to snap a few pictures!
 1st grader hangout area!
 "The Commons"
 "The Commons" or cafeteria, Kaitlen sits all the way back about halfway down on the steps !
 3rd grader hangout area!
 Her locker (Red fish)
 Her classroom
 Katie Ma's class room, her desk is the second row, first desk without a water bottle.
 4th grader hangout area!
 Oh John were are you?? This is another hallway!
 Front of the Kindergarten class room's (first day of spring we got dumped on)
 Outside view
Caden saw my camera and struck a pose and said cheese mom! I love my baby boy!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Caden turns the BIG 2!

March 11 Caden James turned 2 years old! John and I feel so blessed that Caden is ours, he is such a fun addition to our home full of pigtails!!

 Caden's presents
 Happy Birthday Little Man!

 He was so shy!
 Such a big boy!
 Shy again, he didn't like us singing to him

What a busy day being two, he needed a little nap on Grandpa!

Friday, March 2, 2012

School, Birthday, and Surgery

We started out the month of February, with John and I starting another semester of school! I have such mixed feelings about school, some days I like it and I feel like I'm accomplishing something in my life besides being a mom. But then other days all I want to be is a mom and school gets in the way, but I keep going and one day I can feel smart!

My little girl Kaitlen, turned ten on the 28th, I cry every birthday my kids have, but this year hit me hard because she is ten years old a double digit. I only have eight more years to make sure I teach her and mold her into a person Heavenly Father would be proud of and a person she can be proud of. PLUS I have the highest expectations for her, she is one of the smartest kids I know, therefore she WILL go to college and and have the best life possible for her. I know this is a tall order, but I tell all of my kids that college will help make their lives better. We celebrated her birthday early because Caden had his surgery that day and we knew the 28th would be a crazy day for us. I think Miss Kaitlen celebrated her birthday for, four days that's OKAY though she is an amazing kid and deserves to have fun. John has started a tradition with Kaitlen, he takes her out on a date for her birthday, this year she wanted him to take her to breakfast. He surprised her Monday morning, she had so much fun getting to spend some one on one time with her dad. Overall, my very little, grown up girl had an awesome birthday!
 A very Happy Birthday Cake for an amazing girl!
 Presents, she wanted half of her presents early and the other half on her birthday!
 Haven's present, she is excited to open it!
 A cool shirt from mom and dad
TEN Candles, for a very grown up Ten Year Old!

Caden has suffered with ear infection since he was a new born, this winter he has had about ten infections that we have known about. So on the 28th, our very little man had tubes put in his ears to help the fluid drain and hopefully stopping the ear infections. Even though this was scary, we know that Caden needed some relief from constant pain and antibiotics, he is now allergic to amoxacilon because he has been on it so much in his young life. So far I cant tell a difference in his behavior because when they did the surgery he had an ear infection, we are hoping that this will be his LAST round of medication for a very long time.

 Before surgery, hanging out whith his dad!
 AFTER Surgery, this was the hardest part of the entire day, all he did was cry he was so confused.
 Dad got him settled down for a minute and then he would want me and the crying would start all over again.
 MARCH 1, 2012!! I know spring will be here soon!
View from our side yard!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Saturday night John surprised me by making reservations in Missoula for a mini vacation! We packed in the morning, picked up Haven in Kalispell and by 4 o'clock we were poolside and enjoying some much needed family time. I hope you enjoy the pictures for Valentines Day my Valentine bought me an awesome new camera!
 View from our road ! We are getting the spring BUG that's for sure!
 Little man finally took a nap, I love how he sleeps with his arms above his head!
 Time to go SWIMMING!!
Caden is all ready to go swimming!

It was such a beautiful hotel! We had so much fun and needed the break from WINTER!!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Snow Snow were are you??

So for the month of January we had one full week of snow and it was amazing, and now it's melting off and just a yucky mess. We bought the kids some new cool sleds and they went sledding again, but the new thing was going down on their stomachs! Maybe February will bring more snow, there is this hill/mountain area we want to take the kids sledding down they call it 'killer mountain' Just a few more months and it will be SPRING I can't wait for warmer temperatures and spring flowers!!

Saturday, January 28, 2012


OH my goodness how did I become so oLd? This past week I celebrated my 31 birthday, John out did himself and I had an awesome day!! He bought me a cute pair of snow boots, jammies, gloves, a soft new sweater, 2 pair of pants, wool socks (I love them) and a matching comfy outfit! Then my mother in law got me a shirt for church and a pair of earring's AND my mom and Crystal sent me a new curling iron with the round barrel, a teasing brush AND a ton of necklaces and earring's!! I'm spoiled this year!! I'm grateful that i have been able to live the last 31 years without any health problems and I'm looking forward to my next 31 years!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sledding in Montana!!

Montana didn't get it's first real snow fall until about the middle and end of December! Being that I have made it our family goal to do something FUN in the snow once a month we choose to take the kiddos sledding at my Mother-in laws house! We had so much fun, I didn't think that sledding could be so much fun. on top of that we used a 4 wheeler and pulled the girls around in the sled, that was my favorite part.

First of December we have no snow!
After Christmas, it snowed!
My beautiful Kaitlen!
Haven & Payten climbing back up the hill!
My three AMAZING girl's!
Caden won't leave his gloves on so he stayed in side with grandma!