Saturday, January 28, 2012


OH my goodness how did I become so oLd? This past week I celebrated my 31 birthday, John out did himself and I had an awesome day!! He bought me a cute pair of snow boots, jammies, gloves, a soft new sweater, 2 pair of pants, wool socks (I love them) and a matching comfy outfit! Then my mother in law got me a shirt for church and a pair of earring's AND my mom and Crystal sent me a new curling iron with the round barrel, a teasing brush AND a ton of necklaces and earring's!! I'm spoiled this year!! I'm grateful that i have been able to live the last 31 years without any health problems and I'm looking forward to my next 31 years!!


Liz said...

Could it be that "MY" little girl is 31! My gosh I miss those days when you were little and thought I hung the moon. You were so cute with your blonde hair and big blue eyes! I'm thankful you had a happy birthday and that you are so loved and well taken care of!

TheBatts said...

I can't believe its been a year since your last birthday, i distinctly remember your 30th birthday post wasnt that long ago!! & now look at you a hot snow-mountain mama :) that's why it wont snow there your 31 years of beauty is intimidating!!! Happy Birthday Jessica you deserve the pampering!!

Gaffey Productions said...

Old? Now I feel like a dinosaur.. i am turning to a crispy / wrinklefree 40 this year ;)