Wednesday, November 25, 2009


"I started this Post Last Wednesday"

Today Mom and Crystal needed to run to the store to pick up a few last minute items for our Thanksgiving dinner. I knew that the stores would be insane so I told Crystal that I would keep an eye on her kids for her. Last minute shopping is hard enough without kids in toe. I was making them some grilled cheese for lunch and happened to look out the kitchen window there on the trampoline was six happy beautiful children. I stooped what I was doing and looked at each one of them and it hit me that even though this has been one of the hardest years our family has ever had to endure we still have so much to be thankful for.

I am thankful for William, he is always such a big help with the younger children. He always makes sure that Jayden and Payten are taken care of that no one is mean to them.

I am thankful for Wayne, he always makes me laugh he tries so HARD at everything he does. He won the Kindergarten Turkey Trot this year at his school I was so proud of him.

I am thankful for Trey, he LOVES LOVES every holiday with a passion no matter how small the decorations he thinks they are all so pretty. He also takes care of Payten for me she is his best friend!

I am thankful for Jayden, she playes with my monster even though Payten is SOOOO mean to her. Jayden always gives me hugs and she loves to show me her pretty hair.

I am thankful for Kaitlen, she is such a big help with Payten. I love how she loves to learn and how excited she gets when it is library day. I love that she is almost eight and still hates to get her hair brushed.

I am thankful for Payten, she makes me smile a hundred times a day. I love her love for animals. Her concern for anyone that is hurt and her thirst for adventure. That baby is never at a loss for something to do.

As I stood at the window I thought of Miss Izzy and how sweet she is; she has brought so much joy to Amanda and John. I love seeing her grow and learn new things. Haven is also a sweet heart and has grown up so much over these last years. She is an awesome big sister and is SO excited for a baby brother. Sage was also on my mind I am thankful for him for allowing me to be his Aunt and for always having a smile on his face when I held him. I am thankful for his sweet spirit and the memories I will always have of him.

Monday, November 9, 2009

3 years and counting

On Wednesday it will be our 3rd anniversary we are excited and can't believe it has only been three years for some reason it feels like ten. We have decided to take the girls and fly to Vegas for a few days. I know what you are thinking what the heck is in Vegas for kids well we are going to see a Circus act, some pirates sink a ship, a water show and the M@M factory. Sounds like a blast to me! I'm going to try to do as much walking as I can but my 'ligament pain' I get when I'm pregnant makes walking long periods very painful but I'm in it till John has to get a wheelchair for me. Did I mention that the flight is FREE ! Kaitlen is so excited to get to go on an airplane!