Saturday, January 31, 2009

Wish List

Today John went back to work after being home for the last three days. I have to admit I miss him very much when is is working, for the next four days I feel like I'm in solitary confinement. What is a girl to do but THINK of all the many things she wishes she had or was doing.

1. I would love maid service! When John is home I don't really do much house work so by Saturday the house is in bad shape.

2. A magic hair brush that will comb the girls hair, I HATE doing it half the time I suck at it anyway or they mess it up 20 minutes later.

3. To never have to shower again. Payten either cries the entire time I'm in the shower or she is in it with me. Try shaving with a 16 month old watching your every move. I find her in my shower trying to shave her little legs.

4. I wish for all ready made meals so I'll never have to think 'whats for dinner' I hate that at 7 in the morning I'm already thinking what am I going to feed these guys for dinner.

5. To get better then John in all the Wii games, the man needs to know what it feels like to loose.

6. No CAR payment, ever again seeing $500 go to a freakin car each month kills me.

7. Have grass in my yard.

8. Have the best kitchen cooke were (wear) not sure.

9. To always know the right answers to give to my girls.

10. Someone to read to Payten, by the 12 hour of it I want to burn all books in my house.

11. Another Baby.

12. Vacations twice a year.

13. To be in the young women's.

14. To always want to go to church.

15. A new computer.

16. To never burn another thing. While I was writing this I burnt my cinnamon rolls I have been making all day for the Super Bowl party.

Rockin First Grade

Kaitlen has always been a smart little girl; she has amazed almost everyone who meets her with just how smart she is. When we moved last September, John and I were afraid that she would be behind in school. The district we were moving into has all day Kindergarten and they go year round, Kaitlen only had half day kindergarten and she had never been in year round school. Her first week there was testing because the 9 week quarter was ending; her teacher said that she would test Kaitlen and if she did good then she would grade her, but if she failed then she would not be given a grade. Kaitlen did AWESOME she passed everything, she had lower scores in math and spelling 78% but she passed all of her tests. Now that she has had a full 9 weeks with her teacher she has the seconded highest grades in her class. Her spelling and math are now her highest scores, John and I are so proud of how much she has grown these last few months. She was also nominated for student of month. I guess this is a huge honor in her school, she had a pizza party on Friday. She said that all the kids were so jealous of her, and they kept on giving her hugs.On Thursday her teacher e-mailed me so I thought I would share it.

Hi Mr. and Mrs. Caldwell,
The report cards for last quarter were mailed out. I will check to see if I can get another copy to you. Kaitlen is doing excellent in class. She has told me that she told you I nominated her for student of the month in my class. She is well deserving of this honor and it is a pleasure to have her in my class. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.
Mrs. Rodriguez

She earned Principal's list

My Student of the Month!!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Wake up Daty

John works 4 tens most weeks he doesn't even get home until the kids are already asleep.Payten has a very strong bond with her Daty, she cries when he has to go to work and she laughs so hard when he comes home. (if she is still awake) Payten can look out of our living room windows and if she see's our car outside then she knows that her Daty is home. If I'm feeling sorry for the poor guy I'll keep our blinds closed, so he can get a couple more hours of sleep. BUT if I'm in a feisty mood and think that he has been off the last 2 day's then this is usually what happens.

Kisses for her Daty

She will sit on his head!

Poke him in the mouth, jump on him, the entire time she is laughing and saying "My Daty" over and over again.

She is just so cute, don't mind the hair she had just woke up and I hadn't fixed it yet.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Morning Surprise

Ever since Payten was born she has surprised us all at how fast she has grown up. From rolling over at three months too crawling at five months and walking at eight months. She can communicate with you without ever talking she points to what she wants and shakes her head NO until you figure it out. Lately she has been undressing herself, I will find her in her room standing next to her close, diaper and shoes with the biggest I did it smile on her face. The past couple weeks when I go to get her out of her crib in the mornings she is standing there naked, with everything thrown out of her crib and she is just smiling away. Today I took pictures of her mess.

Her blankets, diaper and cup all thrown out of her crib.

Nice bed head, she started to cry she wanted out.

I love those BLUE eyes!

Notice the giant PEE spot in the middle, so gross this is a morning thing with her. I have to put jamie's on that zip up or have snaps. John put on shorts and a t-shirt last night.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Nothing like her Mom

Kaitlen has wanted a bike without training wheels for a long time. This year for Christmas, Santa finally came threw for her. I have to be honest and say I didn't think she was ready for the 2 wheeler, she has a hard enough time walking let alone ridding something. I had childhood memories flash in my head of my wonderful bike ridding days, I NEVER figured it out. After millions of crashes I just walked away from the whole thing. John and I told her that she would crash and would get hurt. She was still determined to learn how to ride, I was determined not to watch. The first time out she did pretty good only a few small crashes, she didn't have much leg strength she would only peddle a few times before stopping. The next week would prove to be a week of running into our Envoy, over and over and over again. When it was bath time she looked like an abused kid even her butt was bruised. Here we are at the end of January and she can ride with only one hand and she can stand up; her leg strength has improved 100x. Kaitlen loves her bike, she does everything and anything to keep from being grounded. I have to admit I'm a little jealous that I never had the childhood bike ridding memories that she will have.

Off she goes!!

She is only allowed to go to our neighbors driveway then she has to come back.

She thought of this pose all on her own!

I'm so proud of her and not giving up, she wanted to but she always went back.

Gift from Dad

Sunday I celebrated my 28th birthday, I received new decorations to decorated my new home. After the cake and all that good stuff my dad comes in the house holding a very large framed mirror. He said 'here I got you something, I painted it I thought it would look nice in your house." One look at the mirror and I knew that dad had painted the very expensive and old mirror that goes to my dresser that my Great Aunt Kathy had passed on to Crystal and Crystal to me. Inside I was thinking oh my gosh dad you have ruined an antique. I was trying to be greatful, and excited for my new mirror. My mom and Crystal on the other hand told him the truth that he had ruined a very valuable piece to my dresser. My dad has NEVER given any of us a present before, half the time he forgets when our birthdays are. If the feed store hadn't opened up down the road my mom would never get a present (picked out by dad and not one of his girls) Poor guy tried to do something nice and it bit him in the butt. After discussing on were my NEW mirror should go we decided to 'fix' dad's paint job and hang it in my living room. Just goes to show that you can never be to old to get a gift from your dad. It is one of my most cherished presents.

He was so proud of his paint job.

He has very bad eye sight, he had no idea that several areas didn't get painted. I love how he didn't even clean the glass.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Haven Grace

Haven is such a special little girl we ALL love her and miss her very much when she is with her mom. So I thought I would take this time to highlight Haven. She is seven years old and in first grade. Haver's is doing excellent in school this year, she had a hard time last year due to her tonsils. As soon as those things came out she was finally able to sleep and stay healthy long enough to go to school. Haven loves animals and was finally able to get her very own dog wich she named "Pepper" Haven has just started playing basketball and so far is liking it very much. She loves to read the Bible and gets very upset when she doesn't understand what it is trying to teach her, we tell her that not even grown ups completely understand all the words in the Bible. Haven is a very small girl, when she was in kindergarten the kids would pick her up and carry her around like a baby, they even called her baby. She HATES when people call her short or small, I think that's why she tries even harder to win at everything. She loves everything to do with 'boy stuff' she loves shirts that have buttons because boys wear button shirts. She is a wonderful break from Disney Princess and My Little Ponies. Haven comes to AZ for the summers and in her own words "her blood boils" her Uncle Spencer tells John and I it's child abuse, she freezes all winter and melts in the summer. But if you were to ask her she would love to be able to play outside right now she is sick of the snow. Haven loves all of her new Aunts and Uncles and wants them all to know she misses them very much, and can't wait to have her birthday at her Aunt Crystal's house. She looks up to RaLee and is always so happy to hear about how she is doing. I want to thank my amazing family for welcoming her into our family, and always remembering her. We love you Haven!

Haven getting ready to go home after a fun summer in the sun.

Fourth of July in Heber, she loves snakes and was so happy to get to hold a real one!

Ear Infections

Payten has suffered from ear infections ever since she was a newborn. This month she has had two, I felt bad for her last night she looks so sad.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Hurricane Caldwell

When John and I moved into our home last September we were so excited that our home had enough room for a "TOY ROOM" We just knew that this would solve all of our toy mess. Who knew that little miss Pay Pay would be the one to ruin our dreams.
Payten relaxing after a hard days work

Kaitlen, not so happy after Payten's hard days work!

Yes my sweet little baby did all of this in just one morning.

Can we say yard sale at Aunt Crystal's house!!

After it was all clean!

I'm closing the door and Payten is only allowed in there when I'm in the mood for another natural disaster. Until then she gets a few toys to play with in the living room.

Thanks Kaitlen for your help!

Yes Payten that is Sage's eye.
Kisses for the baby

Asleep after a long day of partying

Ice cream and chocolate chip cookie face

Party Girl

Payten played hard all day yesterday. She jumped on the trampoline with me for a few hours, then she dug in the dirt with Kaitlen making me mud birthday cake. When it was time for my favorite time of day, you guessed it NAP TIME . She cried and refused to nap instead she threw all of her blankets, pillow, bumper pads out of her crib. I was not looking forward to the hour drive to get to Grandma's house with her. When we got there it was all play. She ran, climbed the swing set chased Jayden around, played drums with uncle Royal outside and who can forget her love of baby Sage. Needless to say she was asleep a few minutes into our LONG ride home.