Friday, February 5, 2010

The light at the end of the tunnel

5 more weeks, yes folks we are on the count down to Delivery Day. I am so excited; this baby has been one roller coaster after another to carry, but I'm so thankful I have been able to carry him this long! I still don't know if I will have to have a c-section, at my last appointment he was estimated to weigh 6Lbs 10oz that's how much my girls weighed at 40 weeks. I had another blood sugar test Wednesday I'll find out the results of that next Wednesday. If my blood sugar comes back high then I will have to go to the doctor twice a week and check my blood sugar 4x a day. If I do have diabetes then that means the baby will have to stay in the NICU after birth because his blood sugar will be high. I am trying to prepare myself that I might not get to take him home right away, I keep on telling myself at least I will be able to take him home, and he will be healthy. So that's it for now, oh yeah I did turn 29 a few weeks ago, I'm not sure what has hapened to my 20's they just flew by thats for sure!