Monday, January 10, 2011

A Sunbeam A Sunbeam

Payten is a Sunbeam, I just can't believe how fast she has grown up. I remember taking her to my primary class when she was only two weeks old. I always had to leave to go nurse her at least twice during that block. Then it wasn't that much longer she was standing in nursery sucking on her binki and waving bye to me. Then yesterday she went to Sunbeams (we had the flu the first of January) she sang songs and listened to her teacher. She did tell me she missed snack time. I wasn't able to go with her yesterday because John is still sick we made a trip to the ER when they went to Church, but she seemed to have had a great day. She came home singing her song "Jesus wants me for A Sunbeam A Sunbeam to Shine for him each day...." She is right Jesus does want us to shine for him each day. It took a little Sunbeam to remind me that sometimes I'm not as shiny as I need to be.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

My Next 30 years

I'm on the count down to my 30TH birthday, only 17 short days and I will be 30 years old. I figure if I keep saying I'm going to be thirty, that when the 25TH roles around I'll be OKAY with being thirty. It's funny but this year I can think of at least thirty things I want for my birthday, I feel like a kid I tell John I want that for my birthday and most of the time I'm not kidding I want it.

These past ten years have flown bye so fast:

20- got married
21- had Kaitlen
22- divorced and a single Mom
23-24- lost my weight was a hot single mom and was happy for the first time in years. Went back to college and was loving life.
25- meet John and fell in love got married
26- had my Payten
27-28- got fat again
29- had my Caden.

I'm looking forward to my next thirty years I hope that the things I learned in my twenties will prepare me for my thirties. So all I can say is come on 30 I'm ready for you.

Monday, January 3, 2011

English 101

These past few months we have all learned a few new words from Payten and Jayden. We have all laughed so hard and in many case have started pronouncing words as our 3 and 4 year old do. Please be warned that some words sound like cuss words which makes them even funnier.

Jayden: Four Years Old
fluge: fudge
smarshmellows: marshmallows
Frismiss: Christmas
Prama: Grandma
smarsh brothers: smash brothers

Payten: Three Years Old
appers: apples
Fencer: Spencer
coloring f***: coloring book
man cakes: pancakes
lip dick: lip stick
bright: sprite
Do you want some: I'm going to hit you.
I'll jack you up: I'm going to hit you harder.
Greenma: Grandma