Saturday, January 8, 2011

My Next 30 years

I'm on the count down to my 30TH birthday, only 17 short days and I will be 30 years old. I figure if I keep saying I'm going to be thirty, that when the 25TH roles around I'll be OKAY with being thirty. It's funny but this year I can think of at least thirty things I want for my birthday, I feel like a kid I tell John I want that for my birthday and most of the time I'm not kidding I want it.

These past ten years have flown bye so fast:

20- got married
21- had Kaitlen
22- divorced and a single Mom
23-24- lost my weight was a hot single mom and was happy for the first time in years. Went back to college and was loving life.
25- meet John and fell in love got married
26- had my Payten
27-28- got fat again
29- had my Caden.

I'm looking forward to my next thirty years I hope that the things I learned in my twenties will prepare me for my thirties. So all I can say is come on 30 I'm ready for you.


TheBatts said...

oh i hear you girl, when i realized i would be 29 this year i freaked!! 2012 you can remind me what helped you!! you have had an impressive 30 years & come out on top and an amazing woman, there are things you know that most people take a lifetime to learn. I am so proud to know you (& your family), here is to the next 30 being a little more easy breezy!!
happy early b-day!!

Megan said...

Happy Late Birthday!!
Dang 2011. It will get me this year too!

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