Sunday, April 11, 2010

Long Lost Blog

If you can't tell we don't have Internet at our new place so my blog never gets updated. However if you follow my moms you all should know that our little man was born a month ago on the 11Th. He is such a sweet baby, I am so blessed to have him. He sleeps pretty good for me, and if he is awake at night he is just so cuddly that I don't mind the lack of sleep. Just like I had suspected he has John's ears it is crazy how genetics work. Did I mention how much I love him!! I find myself getting peeded on a few times a day; Crystal informed me it's because I'm to slow at changing him. She is right I'm not used to 'boy' parts and am afraid of hurting him I guess I can be alittle aggressive and he won't get hurt. I find myself crying when I do is laundry I love seeing ALL blue inside the washer I didn't think having a little boy would melt my heart the way it has. My first two babies cried so much and never slept that I'm on cloud nine that Caden sleeps and hardly ever cries I had know idea a baby could be so happy. Heavenly Father knew I needed a calm, happy baby this time around.