Thursday, May 23, 2013

Brennen David

December6,2012 at 10:21 pm John and I welcomed our 5LB 11Oz son into the world! Brennen came very fast when we arrived at the hospital after driving in a blizzard to get there I was at 3 centimeters. Within 2 hours I was holding my baby. Brennen was absolutely perfect, he nursed very well from the start and his first night he spent it with me in my arms. The next morning his Dr. came in and told us that Brennen wasn't maintaining his body temperature and he would need to spend some time in the hospital. We were worried sick about him, but was reassured that he would be fine once he put on a few pounds. A few days later Brennen and I were home snuggling next to a warm fire! Five months later and he is hands down my best baby! He sleeps at night, eats like a champ and is always happy. Brennen is one of many reasons why I have survived the last 5 months he has been a constant reminder that God is good and he wants all his children to be happy. I will talk about the car accident in my next post. But for now this is about my new son and what a blessing he has been to me and John. At 13 pounds he is still the tiny little baby that I fell so madly in love with.