Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Saturday night John surprised me by making reservations in Missoula for a mini vacation! We packed in the morning, picked up Haven in Kalispell and by 4 o'clock we were poolside and enjoying some much needed family time. I hope you enjoy the pictures for Valentines Day my Valentine bought me an awesome new camera!
 View from our road ! We are getting the spring BUG that's for sure!
 Little man finally took a nap, I love how he sleeps with his arms above his head!
 Time to go SWIMMING!!
Caden is all ready to go swimming!

It was such a beautiful hotel! We had so much fun and needed the break from WINTER!!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Snow Snow were are you??

So for the month of January we had one full week of snow and it was amazing, and now it's melting off and just a yucky mess. We bought the kids some new cool sleds and they went sledding again, but the new thing was going down on their stomachs! Maybe February will bring more snow, there is this hill/mountain area we want to take the kids sledding down they call it 'killer mountain' Just a few more months and it will be SPRING I can't wait for warmer temperatures and spring flowers!!