Sunday, May 31, 2009

One Rain Puddle

A few weeks ago we had some rain I was so excited. About an hour after it rained Payten wanted to go outside and play this is what she found!

One water Puddle

One very dirty baby

That one tiny puddle was all that was left over from the rain.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Purple Cast

Kaitlen got her cast put on yesterday, she was happy to get it; Payten kept on hurting her now she has some protection. Her Ortho told us that she broke her upper radius. Her break goes from her left side straight to her right. He said it was a bad break, she will need two more set of X-rays in the next 2 weeks just to make sure her bone is growing in the right direction. Hopefully she will have her cast off in 4-5 weeks!

John was taking Kaitlen's picture, and Payten wanted to show him her hurt arm too. She copies EVERYTHING K-T does she is so funny.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Break Number 4

Saturday night Mom had a camp out in her back yard. John and I choose to go home instead of sleeping in the tent. We let Kaitlen stay with Grandma in her tent; from what I was told Kaitlen thought camping was stupid and didn't understand the concept of sleeping outside. On Sunday morning Kaitlen was coming out of her tent when she tripped on the opening and landed hard on her left arm. Mom called me and said that she thought that little miss broke her arm; that we needed to take her in for an x-ray. John and I were not thrilled to be going into an Urgent Care but what can you do Kaitlen was hurt. We took her in John went shoe shopping with Payten while I was with Kaitlen. (he is afraid of Urgent Cares, plus Payten is crazy)Anyway the doctor couldn't tell if it was broken he told us that the radiologist would call me on Tuesday with the result until then she is in a soft cast. Around 4 I called the Urgent Care and the radiologist conformed that she had indeed broke her left radius AGAIN. When I told her she began to cry and laid on her bed for over 2 hours she is very upset that she can't swim or ride her bike for the next 2 months. I'm just thankful that John and I were not there we were an hour away when she got hurt. So in the next few days she will be put in a hard cast she is hoping for a purple one this time.

Poor Girl

Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Awards 2008-2009

Today Kaitlen had her end of year awards assembly, I have to admit I cried during the entire thing. I was so proud of her and all of her accomplishments. She received many awards one was for having all A's for all four quarters. Another one was for reading 300+ books this school year, she also received a medal and a free book. Her teacher also gave her an award for always doing her best at everything she does. I know that this is just 1st grade stuff but I was so proud of her you would have thought that she was graduating from Harvard Medical the way I cried.

K-T in her classroom after her awards program!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

All Dressed Up

Every time I do laundry I have to fight with Payten to leave the clean clothes alone. She loves trying on the clean clothes; with each new piece she has to tell me how pretty it is. Lately she has insisted on wearing her Church dresses around the house, she even makes John put her pretty shoes on her.

If you look at the couch you can see my clean clothes pile. Also can you tell that her first piece of laundry is Kailten's panties! She cracks me up.

Daddy's ties are fun to play with!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Princess Red Cheeks

Last night after dinner I went outside and jumped on the trampoline with the girls. We must have jumped for over an hour then we played a couple of games of Candy Land on the trampoline. My patience would only permit me a few games because Payten is a stinker and would move our little candy land men plus she was eating the cards. After Candy Land we were running around the trampoline for almost 30 minutes, I just couldn't take anymore plus it was dark outside so we went inside. A few minutes later Kaitlen asked me if her face was red and I told her yes. She then told me that people at school call her Princess Red Cheeks. I just smiled (I wanted to laugh but I didn't)I asked her why do they call you that and she said because her faces turns as red as an apple every time she plays outside and because she has such pretty hair that they think she is a princess with red cheeks. Then I laughed! Poor kid has always turned bright red whenever she gets hot or even a tiny bite warm.

I love my Princess Red Cheeks.

At least the kids think Kaitlen is pretty and looks like a princess, I was always called High Tower because I was already over 5 foot in elementary.

Friday, May 8, 2009

WARNING Animal Feeding

I LOVE to sit and watch Payten eat, she makes such a mess out of her food. I find myself sitting at the kitchen table just watching her eat and experience the flavor of an Oreo and Milk! She always has this look of pure joy when she is eating. I know I have way to much time on my hands!

Chocolate Pudding Face!

Oreo and Milk!

She loves to drink the milk out of her cereal!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

5 months later

Tonight I was sitting on my couch reading my book and enjoying the silence. When I happened to look up at my front door and noticed my Christmas swag was still hanging above the door. All these months and I have never noticed it before Martha would be so disappointed in me. It's hung there for so long maybe I'll just leave it there for next Christmas!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Saving Money

As most Americans these days John lost his job almost three weeks ago. He has put out over a hundred applications and resumes with no luck so far. So in our unemployed state we have had to cut costs. Like buying the no name brand of food, you know the nasty mac an cheese and DR Thunder. Usually I'm totally OK with knock off food, but where we went wrong was buying the CHEAP diapers.

Last Sunday Payten was being cranky during Sacerment so John was walking the halls with her hoping she would fall asleep. He said that all of a sudden he felt something warm, he then realized that Payten had just peed all over his shirt and tie. I had my phone turned off so the text he was trying to send me of course wouldn't go threw. He was so embarrassed that as soon as he saw me walk out of Sacerment we went home.

The rest of the week was the same she would pee on the floor in her crib you name it and she has probably peed there. We decided without much debate that no matter how poor we may be that spending the 18.96 for a box of Huggies is well worth it.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Saturday Chores

I started my Saturday in the mood to clean and get my house in order. I haven't felt like doing much house work since Sage's passing so you can only imagine how nasty my tile floors have gotten. During my quest to get things cleaned I made the mistake of lifting up my couch cushions. Oh my goodness was I shocked and grossed out over what I had found. Since I don't have to worry about carpet I just put the couch on it side and swept all the garbage onto the floor. My Mom knows just how much I hate stuff living under the cushions but in my laziness things have gotten way out of control.

I can't believe I'm sharing my nastiness but here is what I found.


No your eyes aren't mistaken that is a cookie! Don't you just love sippy cup leaks also.