Sunday, May 10, 2009

Princess Red Cheeks

Last night after dinner I went outside and jumped on the trampoline with the girls. We must have jumped for over an hour then we played a couple of games of Candy Land on the trampoline. My patience would only permit me a few games because Payten is a stinker and would move our little candy land men plus she was eating the cards. After Candy Land we were running around the trampoline for almost 30 minutes, I just couldn't take anymore plus it was dark outside so we went inside. A few minutes later Kaitlen asked me if her face was red and I told her yes. She then told me that people at school call her Princess Red Cheeks. I just smiled (I wanted to laugh but I didn't)I asked her why do they call you that and she said because her faces turns as red as an apple every time she plays outside and because she has such pretty hair that they think she is a princess with red cheeks. Then I laughed! Poor kid has always turned bright red whenever she gets hot or even a tiny bite warm.

I love my Princess Red Cheeks.

At least the kids think Kaitlen is pretty and looks like a princess, I was always called High Tower because I was already over 5 foot in elementary.


Eldredge Family said...

I have always thought Katy ma was gorgeous! What a cute nickname for her!

Sharron said...

Great name for a great little girl! She is a doll and I'm glad that she is feeling better and riding her bike again. Can't live without our wheels, can we?

Liz said...

Her cheeks get so very red when she goes outside. People used to stop us and get so mad because we didn't put sun screen on her. Remember that?!! We would have to explain they were not sun burned but as soon as she cooled down her cheeks would return to normal.
Princess Red Cheeks a fitting nick name. I still like Katy Ma though.