Monday, May 4, 2009

Saving Money

As most Americans these days John lost his job almost three weeks ago. He has put out over a hundred applications and resumes with no luck so far. So in our unemployed state we have had to cut costs. Like buying the no name brand of food, you know the nasty mac an cheese and DR Thunder. Usually I'm totally OK with knock off food, but where we went wrong was buying the CHEAP diapers.

Last Sunday Payten was being cranky during Sacerment so John was walking the halls with her hoping she would fall asleep. He said that all of a sudden he felt something warm, he then realized that Payten had just peed all over his shirt and tie. I had my phone turned off so the text he was trying to send me of course wouldn't go threw. He was so embarrassed that as soon as he saw me walk out of Sacerment we went home.

The rest of the week was the same she would pee on the floor in her crib you name it and she has probably peed there. We decided without much debate that no matter how poor we may be that spending the 18.96 for a box of Huggies is well worth it.


Crystal Eldredge said...

Ohh Jessica I am so sorry. I wish I knew what to tell you to do. I don;t have any words of comfort or help. Somehow you will get threw this hardship and trial. I am so sorry you are having such a hard go of it and living so far away from everything.

Sharron said...

OK sister . . . get with your mom and sister to find the coupons, shop the sales and get those diapers for way less!!! Silly girl . . . if you hadn't done that, I can tell you're way up tight, and for good reason! I will pray for you to find a job fast!!!

Amanda and John said...

Jess I'm sorry John hasn't found a job yet. It's so hard to stay positive when you have so much stress. Like Chris i wish I knew what to tell you. The only words of advice I can say keep trying. E-Telecare is still hiring for Cingular Wireless.

I know you guys will find a way. The Lord always makes one. It's just finding it that can be hard.

Jessica Caldwell said...

Yes things suck and it is scary we have yet to pay rent for May. But John has been able to go to Church with me these last three weeks, our home has a sense of peace. I know that something will come soon until then church mice have more money then us!!

Thank for your words of encouragment!

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