Sunday, May 3, 2009

Saturday Chores

I started my Saturday in the mood to clean and get my house in order. I haven't felt like doing much house work since Sage's passing so you can only imagine how nasty my tile floors have gotten. During my quest to get things cleaned I made the mistake of lifting up my couch cushions. Oh my goodness was I shocked and grossed out over what I had found. Since I don't have to worry about carpet I just put the couch on it side and swept all the garbage onto the floor. My Mom knows just how much I hate stuff living under the cushions but in my laziness things have gotten way out of control.

I can't believe I'm sharing my nastiness but here is what I found.


No your eyes aren't mistaken that is a cookie! Don't you just love sippy cup leaks also.


Liz said...

LOL My your brave and honest! I always hate what's lurking under this stupid sectional of mine. You know how very heavy it is to move. It take me and a grown man to move the beast and when I do there is so much under it! But that's normal where ever you find children you will find crayons, cookies and such under the couch. I wish one would find more money that the occasion penny or dime! If I did I might be inclined to clean under it a little more often. :)

Tamra and Jim said...

I remember we were once looking for the remote or something. We had company and Jim lifted up the couch cushions trying to find it. I ABOUT DIED!!! What a mess. Guess it's the same for everyone. After that, I tried to check under the cushions a little more often. Oh, and what a waste of a good oreon cookie. MY FAVORITE!!!!

Jessica Caldwell said...

The older Payten gets the worse the couch cushions look. If they get worse I might get take after Dad and go dumster couch shopping!!

John thinks i'm nuts for sharing our mess.

Sharron said...

LOL I love it. I just sent a loveseat back over to the Maskeys. I was shocked at how little was under the cushions . . . and there was certainly no wasted cookies . . . how rude! I am always looking for the remote, it does keep things picked up . . . oh yeah and my dogs dig under a lot, that is a big help!

On time I was taking a cover off a chair to reupholster it. the side pocket didn't have just popcorn kernel, it had weevils in the kernels . . . all in the middle of a class, of course.

Eldredge Family said...

I love my couch cushions, they are tied to the couch. You have to unhook to even get them off the couch! I think Manda is the only one how has ever cleaned my couch!

ROFL Aunt Tamra! I would have killed Uncle JIM!!

Jessica Caldwell said...

Sharron that is so gross, I don't do creppy crawly things. Thats one reason I has happy to find Pay Pays cookie. I hate the ants for some reason they love comming into my house to find snacks.

Amanda and John said...

Is that mold or the frosting on an Oreo Cookie? I hate cleaning under the couch cushions! It is one of the worst jobs. No matter how good of a house cleaner you are the couch gets way nasty!

Now Crystals couches were funny! I think she had a small college fund for the kids in them. . . I found about $6 in change. I laughed because I remembered when she lived at moms and we really wanted to go to the $1 movies so we raided moms couch cushions and found just enough to pay for the movie and a drink. Oh the memories!

Thanks for the post Jess!

Jessica Caldwell said...

Mandy that is NOT mold, thank goodness.

I remember you and Julie would always want something from Walgreens you two would always look under the cushions.

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