Saturday, January 28, 2012


OH my goodness how did I become so oLd? This past week I celebrated my 31 birthday, John out did himself and I had an awesome day!! He bought me a cute pair of snow boots, jammies, gloves, a soft new sweater, 2 pair of pants, wool socks (I love them) and a matching comfy outfit! Then my mother in law got me a shirt for church and a pair of earring's AND my mom and Crystal sent me a new curling iron with the round barrel, a teasing brush AND a ton of necklaces and earring's!! I'm spoiled this year!! I'm grateful that i have been able to live the last 31 years without any health problems and I'm looking forward to my next 31 years!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sledding in Montana!!

Montana didn't get it's first real snow fall until about the middle and end of December! Being that I have made it our family goal to do something FUN in the snow once a month we choose to take the kiddos sledding at my Mother-in laws house! We had so much fun, I didn't think that sledding could be so much fun. on top of that we used a 4 wheeler and pulled the girls around in the sled, that was my favorite part.

First of December we have no snow!
After Christmas, it snowed!
My beautiful Kaitlen!
Haven & Payten climbing back up the hill!
My three AMAZING girl's!
Caden won't leave his gloves on so he stayed in side with grandma!