Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sledding in Montana!!

Montana didn't get it's first real snow fall until about the middle and end of December! Being that I have made it our family goal to do something FUN in the snow once a month we choose to take the kiddos sledding at my Mother-in laws house! We had so much fun, I didn't think that sledding could be so much fun. on top of that we used a 4 wheeler and pulled the girls around in the sled, that was my favorite part.

First of December we have no snow!
After Christmas, it snowed!
My beautiful Kaitlen!
Haven & Payten climbing back up the hill!
My three AMAZING girl's!
Caden won't leave his gloves on so he stayed in side with grandma!

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Liz said...

You can tell by the lookes on their faces that they are having a blast! It looks so pretty with snow all around. ahhh...sigh....
What a nice goal to plan something fun each month the kids will remember that tradition fondly.