Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Jar's

The Sunday after Thanksgiving our Bishop gave each family a book as a Christmas present. The book was called "Christmas Jar's" as a busy mom and student I placed the book on top of the microwave and forgot about it. As Christmas approached I received a voicemail from our church secretary asking me to check my back door step that someone had left our family a surprise. I open the gift with curiosity and was taken back when I saw a LARGE mason jar filled to the brim with change and a one hundred dollar bill folded  neatly facing the outside of the jar. Most people will not be as honest as I am going to be, but here it goes. We needed this money more than that kind person will ever know. We had saved our money so well that every last penny had been budgeted, we did not know that the oil to heat our home would cost use a whopping $1,200 a month on top of an electric bill of $300 a month. This $200 would help carry us until January, John and I felt blessed and not forgotten by members in our ward. A week later John was taking Kaitlen to school when he found a second Christmas Jar sitting on our door with another hundred dollar bill, tears of gratitude filled my eyes and I knew that John and I could make it one more month. After receiving 2 Christmas Jar’s I decided to read the book that bishop had given to us. The reason why I’m sharing this very personal experience with you is because we can all fill a Christmas Jar and help a family in need without it being a hardship on our family. Bishop’s gift was a story about a woman who started giving out Christmas Jar’s to needy people, she then made it a public thing and pretty soon it had spread around to hundreds of needy people. All we need to do is take the change from our pockets/purses and put it into a jar, when the jar is filled give it to someone in need. I thought to myself that John and I can do this that we always have change and it would be so easy to pass along a jar to family that needs a little extra help. So beginning the day after Christmas our family began filling our Christmas Jar. Every time we add a few coins to our jar I feel so happy knowing that next Christmas my family can pay back the kindness that was shown to us this holiday season. I’m hoping  that whoever reads this may feel inclined to fill a jar over the next 12 months and help a family in need next Christmas. HAPPY NEW YEAR and GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

Monday, December 12, 2011

One Semester Down

  John passed all his classes this semester I'm so proud of him!! I'm still waiting for my scores to post it's killing me not knowing. I know I passed Math and Child Development I passed, but Environmental Biology hasn't posted yet and its driving me nuts!!! Next semester we are going to take 13 credit hours YIKES this is going to be interesting, because we have 4 kids :)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011