Sunday, May 31, 2009

One Rain Puddle

A few weeks ago we had some rain I was so excited. About an hour after it rained Payten wanted to go outside and play this is what she found!

One water Puddle

One very dirty baby

That one tiny puddle was all that was left over from the rain.


Liz said...

Isn't it sad? That one little spot to represent the rain that fell. You should dig a hole and fill it with water and just let the kids get muddy! Cute pictures by the helps when the kid is super cute too!

Tamra and Jim said...

It doesn't take much water to keep a kid entertained, does it? haha that was funny.

Jessica Caldwell said...

Yeah she is a cute one thats for sure. I was surprised that this one tiny puddle was all that was left from our rain that is so sad.

Sharron said...

Isn't it sad that our rain disappears so quickly. . . . and how far we Arizonans can stretch such a little bit of water!