Friday, January 30, 2009

Wake up Daty

John works 4 tens most weeks he doesn't even get home until the kids are already asleep.Payten has a very strong bond with her Daty, she cries when he has to go to work and she laughs so hard when he comes home. (if she is still awake) Payten can look out of our living room windows and if she see's our car outside then she knows that her Daty is home. If I'm feeling sorry for the poor guy I'll keep our blinds closed, so he can get a couple more hours of sleep. BUT if I'm in a feisty mood and think that he has been off the last 2 day's then this is usually what happens.

Kisses for her Daty

She will sit on his head!

Poke him in the mouth, jump on him, the entire time she is laughing and saying "My Daty" over and over again.

She is just so cute, don't mind the hair she had just woke up and I hadn't fixed it yet.


Liz said...

That's so cute! I see he's sleeping with his "Blanky". Payten is such a funny little girl.

Jessica said...

John said of course he can't sleep without his new blanky

Eldredge Family said...

She sure does Love her Daty!!! He is an excellent Daty!

Sharron said...

So sweet, it doesn't take little girls long to figure out who has the soft touch for them, does it?

Love the bed head, that's what Mariah always looked like in the mornings. Does Peyton get a little mouse nest on the back too?

Liz said...

I think you have your coments option turned off. I wanted to respond to Kaitlens Student of the Month award. I'm SO proud of her! She has always been a smart little girl talking at such an early age and just always very intelligent. I'm so glad she is doing so well in school!