Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Haven Grace

Haven is such a special little girl we ALL love her and miss her very much when she is with her mom. So I thought I would take this time to highlight Haven. She is seven years old and in first grade. Haver's is doing excellent in school this year, she had a hard time last year due to her tonsils. As soon as those things came out she was finally able to sleep and stay healthy long enough to go to school. Haven loves animals and was finally able to get her very own dog wich she named "Pepper" Haven has just started playing basketball and so far is liking it very much. She loves to read the Bible and gets very upset when she doesn't understand what it is trying to teach her, we tell her that not even grown ups completely understand all the words in the Bible. Haven is a very small girl, when she was in kindergarten the kids would pick her up and carry her around like a baby, they even called her baby. She HATES when people call her short or small, I think that's why she tries even harder to win at everything. She loves everything to do with 'boy stuff' she loves shirts that have buttons because boys wear button shirts. She is a wonderful break from Disney Princess and My Little Ponies. Haven comes to AZ for the summers and in her own words "her blood boils" her Uncle Spencer tells John and I it's child abuse, she freezes all winter and melts in the summer. But if you were to ask her she would love to be able to play outside right now she is sick of the snow. Haven loves all of her new Aunts and Uncles and wants them all to know she misses them very much, and can't wait to have her birthday at her Aunt Crystal's house. She looks up to RaLee and is always so happy to hear about how she is doing. I want to thank my amazing family for welcoming her into our family, and always remembering her. We love you Haven!

Haven getting ready to go home after a fun summer in the sun.

Fourth of July in Heber, she loves snakes and was so happy to get to hold a real one!


Liz said...

We all just cry when she has to go home. It's so sad...and we can't wait to see her again. She's a little shy at first and then when she opens up she's a funny kid. I still love how she told me all about her cat..."purr purr". Then I asked her if she named her dog "Bark Bark" and she looked at me with the most disgusted look on her face and said, "No that would be dumb!" Then to find out she made the entire thing up and there was no cat only a dog named Pepper. So funny!

Jessica said...

John and I still laugh when ever we hear the Purr Purr story, it is so funny. It was nice of RaLee to name her new kitten Purr Purr, I'm sure Haven will love that. John was approved for SOME of his vacation time so he will leave on the 7th to go see her, they are both so excited.

Crystal Eldredge said...

Okay so I wrote this really long thing about haven but it is not letting me post! I absolutely love Haven! She is a doll! I love to sit and watch movies with her and pig out on popcorn! I was the one who got to help her with the snake! I feel so blessed to have her in our family! I love the funny little looks she gives me when she thinks I am doing something crazy! Like decorate cupcakes and put her in a tree for pictures!