Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Nothing like her Mom

Kaitlen has wanted a bike without training wheels for a long time. This year for Christmas, Santa finally came threw for her. I have to be honest and say I didn't think she was ready for the 2 wheeler, she has a hard enough time walking let alone ridding something. I had childhood memories flash in my head of my wonderful bike ridding days, I NEVER figured it out. After millions of crashes I just walked away from the whole thing. John and I told her that she would crash and would get hurt. She was still determined to learn how to ride, I was determined not to watch. The first time out she did pretty good only a few small crashes, she didn't have much leg strength she would only peddle a few times before stopping. The next week would prove to be a week of running into our Envoy, over and over and over again. When it was bath time she looked like an abused kid even her butt was bruised. Here we are at the end of January and she can ride with only one hand and she can stand up; her leg strength has improved 100x. Kaitlen loves her bike, she does everything and anything to keep from being grounded. I have to admit I'm a little jealous that I never had the childhood bike ridding memories that she will have.

Off she goes!!

She is only allowed to go to our neighbors driveway then she has to come back.

She thought of this pose all on her own!

I'm so proud of her and not giving up, she wanted to but she always went back.

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Liz said...

SO CUTE! I'm so happy she has founds something she loves to do. I LOVED my bike I felt so free when I rode. Cute pictures! Thanks for posting.