Monday, January 26, 2009

Hurricane Caldwell

When John and I moved into our home last September we were so excited that our home had enough room for a "TOY ROOM" We just knew that this would solve all of our toy mess. Who knew that little miss Pay Pay would be the one to ruin our dreams.
Payten relaxing after a hard days work

Kaitlen, not so happy after Payten's hard days work!

Yes my sweet little baby did all of this in just one morning.

Can we say yard sale at Aunt Crystal's house!!

After it was all clean!

I'm closing the door and Payten is only allowed in there when I'm in the mood for another natural disaster. Until then she gets a few toys to play with in the living room.

Thanks Kaitlen for your help!


Liz said...

Jessica that is so funny. The play room looks awesome though! Payten is like a little busy machine. She sets her mind to something and she quietly goes about her mission and doesn't stop until it's ALL done!

Eldredge Family said...

If she were just a few inches taller she would have reached the top shelf's! Katy Ma does not look to thrilled to be cleaning up the place! I love the doll house!

Amanda said...

She is a little hurricane! What happened to my little cuddle bug?