Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Gift from Dad

Sunday I celebrated my 28th birthday, I received new decorations to decorated my new home. After the cake and all that good stuff my dad comes in the house holding a very large framed mirror. He said 'here I got you something, I painted it I thought it would look nice in your house." One look at the mirror and I knew that dad had painted the very expensive and old mirror that goes to my dresser that my Great Aunt Kathy had passed on to Crystal and Crystal to me. Inside I was thinking oh my gosh dad you have ruined an antique. I was trying to be greatful, and excited for my new mirror. My mom and Crystal on the other hand told him the truth that he had ruined a very valuable piece to my dresser. My dad has NEVER given any of us a present before, half the time he forgets when our birthdays are. If the feed store hadn't opened up down the road my mom would never get a present (picked out by dad and not one of his girls) Poor guy tried to do something nice and it bit him in the butt. After discussing on were my NEW mirror should go we decided to 'fix' dad's paint job and hang it in my living room. Just goes to show that you can never be to old to get a gift from your dad. It is one of my most cherished presents.

He was so proud of his paint job.

He has very bad eye sight, he had no idea that several areas didn't get painted. I love how he didn't even clean the glass.


Liz said...

I know my heart sank when he came in with it! I couldn't believe he would spray paint it with auto paint none the less. I said, "You painted her antique mirror and matched her bedroom set?" You could sand and then prime it and paint it with the right paint and it will look nice. I just have to keep my mouth shut because I think he thought he was doing a good thing. He probably feels like he's darned if he does and darned if he doesn't. So it will be a nice story to tell one day how he thought of you.

Sharron said...

If the original varnish is still under the black paint, you can use the right remover and take it back to the old finish, VERY CAREFULLY! It is sweet that he did that for you. Most men don't, especially when they get to a more "mature" age! I do love the dirty glass, SO typical!