Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Kaitlen's School

After talking to my mom, and Crystal they wanted to know what Miss. Kaitlen's school looked like. Tonight I had a chance to go to her school for Payten's Kindergarten Round Up, this gave me the perfect opportunity to snap a few pictures!
 1st grader hangout area!
 "The Commons"
 "The Commons" or cafeteria, Kaitlen sits all the way back about halfway down on the steps !
 3rd grader hangout area!
 Her locker (Red fish)
 Her classroom
 Katie Ma's class room, her desk is the second row, first desk without a water bottle.
 4th grader hangout area!
 Oh John were are you?? This is another hallway!
 Front of the Kindergarten class room's (first day of spring we got dumped on)
 Outside view
Caden saw my camera and struck a pose and said cheese mom! I love my baby boy!


Amanda Griggs said...

Dude, Kate's school is freaking AWESOME! It looks so rustic! I love the indoor playgrounds! It reminds me of Heber! I love her locker! I have always wanted a locker! It looks like such a fun school!!

Liz said...

Thanks for posting. I love the wooden beams and all of the character. The commons area is so cool and the fact that she has a locker! You should have had her open it and take a picture of the inside... messy or not? LOL Thanks for the post. I wish the outside picture was brighter as I have been trying to describe it to Crystal. Thanks again for posting...Love you...miss you guys...can't wait until MAY!

Jessica Caldwell said...

I guess her locker is a mess, you know Valentines stuff, which was only over a month ago!! Plus her snow pants and papers!!

TheBatts said...

The school looks so fun! More of a jr. high feel, I bet the kids love that. Lockers are the height of cool-ness! I am glad you guys are settling in so well!!