Friday, March 2, 2012

School, Birthday, and Surgery

We started out the month of February, with John and I starting another semester of school! I have such mixed feelings about school, some days I like it and I feel like I'm accomplishing something in my life besides being a mom. But then other days all I want to be is a mom and school gets in the way, but I keep going and one day I can feel smart!

My little girl Kaitlen, turned ten on the 28th, I cry every birthday my kids have, but this year hit me hard because she is ten years old a double digit. I only have eight more years to make sure I teach her and mold her into a person Heavenly Father would be proud of and a person she can be proud of. PLUS I have the highest expectations for her, she is one of the smartest kids I know, therefore she WILL go to college and and have the best life possible for her. I know this is a tall order, but I tell all of my kids that college will help make their lives better. We celebrated her birthday early because Caden had his surgery that day and we knew the 28th would be a crazy day for us. I think Miss Kaitlen celebrated her birthday for, four days that's OKAY though she is an amazing kid and deserves to have fun. John has started a tradition with Kaitlen, he takes her out on a date for her birthday, this year she wanted him to take her to breakfast. He surprised her Monday morning, she had so much fun getting to spend some one on one time with her dad. Overall, my very little, grown up girl had an awesome birthday!
 A very Happy Birthday Cake for an amazing girl!
 Presents, she wanted half of her presents early and the other half on her birthday!
 Haven's present, she is excited to open it!
 A cool shirt from mom and dad
TEN Candles, for a very grown up Ten Year Old!

Caden has suffered with ear infection since he was a new born, this winter he has had about ten infections that we have known about. So on the 28th, our very little man had tubes put in his ears to help the fluid drain and hopefully stopping the ear infections. Even though this was scary, we know that Caden needed some relief from constant pain and antibiotics, he is now allergic to amoxacilon because he has been on it so much in his young life. So far I cant tell a difference in his behavior because when they did the surgery he had an ear infection, we are hoping that this will be his LAST round of medication for a very long time.

 Before surgery, hanging out whith his dad!
 AFTER Surgery, this was the hardest part of the entire day, all he did was cry he was so confused.
 Dad got him settled down for a minute and then he would want me and the crying would start all over again.
 MARCH 1, 2012!! I know spring will be here soon!
View from our side yard!!

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