Monday, December 21, 2009

We are nine strong and counting

Today I looked out the window and saw Royal Wayne, Haven and Kaitlen had cornered our neighbors little boy. Kaitlen had a broom and was poking him with it, Haven was yelling at him and Wayne was pounding his fist into his hand. Curious what was going on I walk out side, the kids came up to me and were telling me that the boy was getting his "pay back" that they were all sick of him hurting them. That he had kicked Payten, bit one of them, Kicked William in the wiener (kids words not mine) he hite Trey while Crystal was standing there then lied about it to her. I of course told them that it isn't nice to hurt other people and that they should say I'm sorry. So Kaitlen decided they needed to say sorry and be the "Bigger people" again kids words not mine. I know this isn't funny but I laughed because our kids stuck up for each other they were nine strong and were not going to allow someone to hurt any of them. Little miss Haven wanted to feed him to the goat, Wayne just wanted to hit him and Kaitlen enjoyed poking him with a broom. Now I know this isn't how we are supposed to act, however I love that they all LOVE each other so much that they won't just stand there and let someone hurt one of there family members.


Sharron said...

Whoa baby . . . don't wanna mess that bunch!! It is great that they do stand up for each other, at least it will be when they learn to do it a little more appropriately?!?!? You know, don't leave any marks?!?! JK

Liz said...

They were certainly sick of those little boys...and quite frankly so am I. They are here ALL the time...the sun comes up and they knock on the door and they don't go home until well after dark. They makes messes of the yard, get into the shed, hit, bite, and cry NON stop...Did I mention they don't go home for meals? Their mom has a built in baby sitter...We had them the ENTIRE summer, FALL break and Thanksgiving break. I don't think I'm up for the ENTIRE Christmas break!!!!!!! Grrrrrrr.....Their mom may get a visit from me.