Saturday, August 8, 2009

Slow 2 weeks

Kaitlen started second grade on Monday, she LOVES it! Her first day she was sad that she didn't get homework until the second week of school, I'm glad that school is fun for her. Payten misses her when she is gone, heck I miss her also she is such a sweet little girl.

we are loving her new hair cut!

Haven went home to Montana on July, 22 we all miss her a ton. She is doing well and is also looking forward to starting second grade in a few weeks. She seems to love Montana so that's where her Mom has decided to stay!

Payten is almost two she is a doll. I can't believe how much she has learned in the last few months. She is sooo much fun John and I laugh all the time over what she says and does.


Eldredge Family said...

I love being around your girls. It reminds of Not girly of a household I have. Katy is so darn smart and fast to make you laugh at the adult things she says! Haven is so much fun to cuddle with and her and Katy are so adorable together. Miss Pay Pay is a little dolly! She only weighs a pound but she plays so rough with my boys and never misses a beat! I love your children and look forward to meeting the new family member soon!

Amanda and John said...

I miss Haven too! I'm glad her mom is staying somewhere that Haven likes. Pay has been growing mentally like a weed for a while now. She is so smart. and funny!

K-T, well she is hilarious to be around. I can't believe how smart she is!

Jessica Caldwell said...

Thank you both for your comments, I know how cheesy this sounds but we are so thankfull for each of them. Sage has tought us to love every moment even the bad, we try to find the humor in everything even when we want to run away screaming.