Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"Flower's for your girl"

Mom and Dad AKA Teele and Liz have a family living in a 5Th wheel trailer next to the barn. They have four small boys that LOVE to come over and play as soon as the sun is up or Kaitlen is off the school bus. The part that bugs me is the Mother lets her 2 year old come over to play with the older 2 boys, Payten is almost 2 and I would never just open my backdoor and ship her out for hours at a time. Anyway the oldest boy "Jerry" has a crush on our Kaitlen, the other night when John was doing homework with her we heard a loud knock on the door. John was a little annoyed he had already argued with the boys that it was time to go home. When he went to the back door there was Jerry holding up a bunch of weeds he then told John "I brought flowers for your girl" John came back in the kitchen and told Kaitlen that her boyfriend brought her some flowers needless to say we have all laughed hard over this one. We think that Jerry has some kind of learning disability he talks like he is two and he can't seem to remember "the girl's" name. Kaitlen gets embarrassed when we call him her boyfriend she says he doesn't even know my name that he is just fun to play with.

Kaitlen's first flowers!


Liz said...

Sound kind of bad, "The family behind the barn"...but those kids are annoying and yet I feel so bad for them. They just get booted to come and stay at my house/yard for hours. It is funny how the little guy calls Kaitlen, "THE GIRL", "Can THE GIRL come out to play?" "Can THE GIRL swing?" "Can THE GIRL give me anothe pop cycle?" So funny. But his hand full of weeks, "Knock Knock...with head down "These are for THE GIRL"...so cute!

Mariah said...

Awww, young love is so cute. Tell "the girl" she was a good sport about her first bouquet. This is good practice for all those boys in later years that you have to be nice to, but would rather run from screaming. :) Funny story.