Tuesday, June 23, 2009

John has finally won

Two years ago when we bought our T.v. John tried to talk me into letting us put it in our bedroom and I very firmly told him not a chance. When we moved in our home last September he tried again and I told him no again. Well thanks to the stupid digital conversion our T.V. only gets reception in our room. John has been so pleased with our new set up I'm nor sure if I will ever talk him into moving our T.V. back into the living room

The 13' in the spot of were our 52' is supposed to be.

Our 52' on top of our dresser

Movie time with popcorn on our BED

Pay refused to sleep until it was movie time then she fell asleep on my bed.


Liz said...

LOL...We bought an HD antenna with an amplifier by Phillips ($50) at WalMart and it works great! Our picture is perfectly clear. Just a thought.

Sharron said...

Popcorn in the bed . . hint, don't let them fling the unpopped kernels on the floor under the bed. Awful mess when you move later :-(

Jessica Caldwell said...

Mom, we bought an HD antenna but the only room we get signal is in our room :( and it's Tucson channels.
Sharron my sheets look so gross after the day I must have washed those things a million times now.

Tamra and Jim said...

I agree with you. NO TV in the bedroom! We've always stuck to that even though at times, I have thought it would be kind of nice. Hope you can figure out how to get better receptoin soon. I have no idea how all that digital stuff works.

Amanda and John said...

We have a TV in our room and I don't remember we turned the thing on. I normally had it on while hanging up laundry, even then it was just on CMT. Oh well. . . . it would drive me nuts having in the bedroom, but hopefully you guys like it.