Sunday, June 28, 2009

When it's 108 Outside

When it's to hot to go outside and play a mom has to get creative or her children will slowly start to drive her nuts. We play games such as hide an go seek or find the missing item from the shelf; my favorite is can you solve this riddle this one takes them the longest and of course there favorite is a coloring contest. However when those games get old it's time to break out mom's secret weapons PAINTING and BAKING!!

Painting is always a huge success

"Where is the blue Mom"

Baking Sugar Cookies

They loved this one


Tamra and Jim said...

You're a creative mother! I wasn't that good at coming up with things to entertain. They did a lot of entertaining themselves, unfortunately! But I guess they survived me!

Liz said...

It was nice getting to see you guys last night...even if Crystal and I showed up late and scared you or John that funny! The cookies were yummy! The girls seem to be having fun and enjoying their summer.

Jessica Caldwell said...

You guys scared John not me, I thought one of the girls was making noise. He wouldn't even answer the door 'no Jess you do it' I was like Oh my goodness it just Crystal he didn't believe me. It was good to see you guys also, I just want to cry when I see Crystal life is so unfair.

I'm trying to make it fun for them even with little money to do stuff hopefully that will change soon.

Sharron said...

Smart mama! Do you find that once you get going thinking of things, new ideas come to you? At least when you're young!

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