Friday, June 26, 2009

He took it off himself

Thursday was Kaitlen's big day her cast was coming off. John left at 1:00 to make it to her 2:00 appointment when he got there the nurse told him that her appointment wasn't until Friday the 26Th. He called me and I told him the appointment reminder card was in the car and it says Thursday the 25Th. After he showed them his proof they told him that her doctor was out of town and that one of the nurses had called me and left a message that her new time was Friday. John knew that was a lie so in his kindest words he told them that they were LAZY and some other choice words that the girls wouldn't repeat! All they would say is that Daddy was really mad at those people. Can you blame him we live a freaking hour away one way, he told them that he would take care of it himself.

He used his leather men, a razor blade and scissors

One very happy little girl


Liz said...

Yea! So glad she has that thing off! Poor girl has been casted for two years now. Crystal and I drove ALL the way to Awatuke for a stupid apt. with Waynes throat surgeon and their nurses did the same thing. We drove nearly 2 hours to get there come to find out after some choice words the nurses FORGOT to call her and cancel then they tried to charge her for a missed apt. later! Oh times.

Now Kaitlen needs a helmet, pads for all parts or just wrap her in some bubble wrap! Tell her to pick her feet up when she walks and to look on the ground once in a while. Also been thinking about buying her a tent for Christmas...just kidding.

Crystal Eldredge said...

John sorta looks like he has an evil eye! LOL! She looks happy to have her cast off!