Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Count to TEN

For Mother's Day Crystal gave Mom, Amanda and me one of the Lillie plants from Sage's funeral it is one of my most treasured gifts. I am not usually good at growing things and keeping them alive, however I am determined to keep my Sage plant green and blooming beautiful Lillie's. After talking to Mom about my plant she gave me some tips to help keep him healthy. Yesterday I left my plant on the kitchen table after I cleaned his leafs and watered him. I went to the computer to check ESPN for John and when I came out this is what I found.

I was so upset with her that I had to count to TEN a few times. I wanted to shake her, yell at her or just cry I was so upset with her. I'm hoping she didn't cause to much damage to my Sage plant.


Amanda and John said...

Ah Jess I'm sorry! I would have been heart broken! It looks to be in not to bad of shape. just put some more potting soil, a bust of Vitamin B12 or plant food, and she how he does. You may have clip his leaf off, but if you do be sure to do it at the base of the limb. Mom can help you more as well, she's good at this sort of thing.

Liz said...

I wouldn't clip anything off unless it's hanging by a thread. Usually it's best to let it dry up if it's going to die...it will start seperating itself from the main stock. Just fertilize him and hope he doesn't go into shock. Sorry this happened. I know how you feel about your plant I feel the same way about my Sage plant too. I know it's just a plant but it's special to me just the same.

Mariah said...

It's so hard to keep your cool when kids get into something so valuable. We have a plant like that and it's a tough little thing. It's been through several attacks from kids and somehow always keeps going. I have the ficus trees that were sent to my dad and grandma when my grandpa passed away. I love those little trees. These little plants serve such an important role in bringing us a little comfort here and there. Good Luck with him.