Sunday, June 21, 2009


A few months ago I told John that I wanted to go to the library and get some books. With him out of work our 'fun' money has been zero and my boredom has been a million. I have never read Danielle Steel books before and the library has a very large section of her novels. So in my spare time I have had my nose in a book and I have loved it; John gets his ESPN and I get my book.

However these last few weeks I have felt like there is something missing from my life I started to feel unhappy and cranky. Wishing that there was more to 'me' then mother and wife I have never felt this way before I LOVE being both a mother and a wife it's the only thing I have wanted to do. A few days ago it hit me why all a sudden I want more. In my silly books the women are doctors, lawyers, photo journalist they all have amazing careers and travel to France and the East Hampton for summer break; not to mention they are the best mothers ever.

I was laying in bed holding John's hand watching a movie with our three girls surrounding me and it hit me that this is were I want to be; not in the Hampton's or on a beach in France but here in my home on our bed with three of the most amazing little girls and a man that loves me.

I don't know why her stupid stories got to me but I do know that I love being a Mom and a wife that John works so hard for us at a job he hates.


Sharron said...

Good girl, you got your ducks in a row! If you want some good reading, go check out the books in "Christian" section and try the novels based on the Amish life. They're clean, sweet, wholesome, romance, mystery and helps you appreciate the little luxuries we enjoy like indoor toilets, hot water tanks, phones . . . I love them. Let me know if you want some suggestions of the best authors!

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