Thursday, October 1, 2009

People of Walmart

I saw this on a friends blog and laugh all day yesterday. I have tried to get the link on my blog but it's just not working out for me. I was able to get some pictures from the site but there are so many take a look at the web site it is...... it is very funny. I'm going to make sure I dress up to go into walmart for now on that's for sure.

Tramp Stamped
Sanford And Son
Look At Me!
The Irony Of “Self Checkout”
Not Even Close


Mariah said...

That was hilarious, scary, and crazy! Glad I wasn't in any of them. I look like a hag most of the time when I go to Walmart. This gave me a good laugh.

Sharron said...

/everyone at Bountiful Baskets will be looking for this after Mariah told them all about it this morning.

What's sad is that when I see someone in there that is dressed nicely, I think it looks weird . . . what does that say about me?

Liz said...

I'm with sharron...I saw a chick in a evening gown, heels and such pushing a basket and just shopping away. Who grocery shops dressed like that? These were SO funny thanks for the laugh!