Saturday, February 28, 2009

7 Years Ago Today

7 Years Ago Today my life changed forever.
7 Years Ago Today I had been in labor for the last two days.
7 Years Ago Today I had been pushing for nearly 4 hours with no luck.
7 Years Ago Today my daughter was born at 9:21 pm.
7 Years Ago Today I remember being so scared that I was a mommy.
7 Years Ago Today I laid in my hospital room all alone holding my 6lb princess
7 Years Ago Today I named her Kaitlen Elizabeth.
7 Years Ago Today I thanked Heavenly Father for his daughter.

I always feel such appreciation to my family when it is Kaitlen's birthday; her first 4 birthdays she just had me and my family. They always made sure it was such a special day today was no exception. John had to work ALL day, so we planed her family party for tomorrow so John could be there. Grandma and Aunt Crystal would not allow the day to pass without seeing Kaitlen on her birthday. John and I were going to meet at the park and have Kaitlen open her presents from us. Grandma and Crystal's family wanted to also see her open her gifts; last minute they came to the park. Which helped make her day even more special. Then Spencer and Crystal had a yummy BBQ at their home for her doing all this last minute. Not to mention they still plan on driving the hour to my house tomorrow for her 'real' party with the cake and ice cream. I have such an awesome family they never let me down. Kaitlen is so lucky to have such wonderful Aunts and Uncles who love her so much, not forgetting her Grandparents who love her as much as I do.

I also LOVE seeing John there for her, I have to fight back tears each time I see them together. He is hands down the BEST DAD for our girls, everyday I thank Heavenly Father for him. Kaitlen has grown to love him and need him to be with her. Her birthday always reminds me just how blessed we are to be safe and together. I love seeing her Daddy there at her birthday celebrating the day she was born. It fills my heart with love and admeration towards him that he can open his heart and love her completly as if he was there 7 years ago.

She wanted an MP3 Player, I love her facial expression when she opened it.

Now she can scrapbook like Grandma!

Daddy, Payten and Kaitlen

Park Fun!

Jayden and Payten got into Crystal's garden boxes while we were waiting for Spencer to finish BBQ. Boy did they have fun throwing soil on one another!!

I hope that they will be the best of friends when they are older. I love seeing them play together.


Liz said...

I Loved your post! Thank you so much for all the nice things you said. Like you I'm so thankful for John and the influence he has had in Kaitlen's life. He is a good dad to all of his girls...very protective and loving. I like seeing the pictures you take it's nice having a couple camera's there to get different things. I can't wait to come out tomorrow it's been a while. William is excited to see where Kaitlen lives apparently he's the only one that hasn't been out there. See you tomorrow.

Eldredge Family said...

Thank you for your thoughts! I understand how you feel towards John. It takes a very special person to do what he and Spencer have done! So thankful for these great Men! They really did get very messy! We will see you soon!

Tamra and Jim said...

What a fun party....and more fun times today! The kids are all so cute. Happy Birthday!!!

Jessica Caldwell said...

Crystal we are so blessed to have our husbands. I'm just praying that John's new boss will let him have Sunday's off so we can finally be a forever family!!