Friday, February 6, 2009

I think I can fit!

Payten has certainly been a busy bee this past week she has learned so many new tricks. These pictures were taken in a two night span!!

She learned how to get herself inside her baby stroller!!

She wanted Kaitlen to push her around in it.

The next night she found Kaitlen's Barbie car she managed to sit in it!!

I think this is just to funny.

She climbed inside the doll house this is her getting out.

Next she climbed into the bassinet I use for the baby I babysit.

The entire time she is blowing me kisses and saying night night mom! Needless to say I'm so thankful for good health insurance because I'm certain she is going to break something.


Liz said...

That is so funny! She is such and climber and has no fear at all but the scary thing is EVERY floor in your house is stone. I pray she doesnt' crack that little head of hers or break a bone. But Payten is so tiny and petite! No wonder the girl thinks she can fit because she can. Everytime I go to pick her up she is just this little "Puff of Air". I love that little girl!

Jessica said...

John's dad couldnt believe how little she is. I agree with you, my floors hurt to fall on she is going to get herself hurt if she isnt careful.

Tamra and Jim said...

she sure is a cute little thing. and BUSY!!!

Eldredge Family said...

Ohh how cute! I think she is darling! Thanks for getting a blog up and going it is fun just to see the stuff they do on a day to day basis!