Tuesday, February 10, 2009

John David Caldwell

OK this has been the longest week of my life, even longer then the week I was due with Payten. John has ONLY been gone for, four days and it fills like a month. So I have decided to copy Jim's girl's and do a remember when because I'm going nuts without him and figured since he is on my mind 27/7 anyway I might as well blog about it.

Remember when my divorce was final and mom was determined to get me back in the dating game. She went to LDS Mingles, created an account for me and the next thing I knew I was out there ready or not it was done. I remember we had an engagement party for Crystals brother in law out at moms house, I was outside chatting when mom came and got me she told me that there was this guy that seemed to like me and she wanted me to talk to him. 'Jess he is very handsome and he seems to like you he sent you a smile' with an eye roll I went inside and that's when I first saw my John.

This picture was one he had posted on his profile.

At first sight I thought he was very handsome, he didn't look like a serial killer so I sat down and sent him a smile back. We chatted threw e-mail for about a week, I was amazed at how much he knew about me in just a weeks time. The next step was to trust him enough to call him. I was so worried and nervous and excited to hear what his voice sounded like. I called him first and to my horror I got his voice mail, it was the worst so me a complete retard left the worst message I said 'I won you didn't answer' I felt so dumb that I called back again and left a better message. Needless to say we talked for hours and hours all night I would say goodbye when he was leaving for work and Kaitlen was waking up for the day.

John was going to surprise me with a visit on the 4Th of July, he knew that was my favorite holiday. But John, missed his flight and didn't arrive on the earlier flight so my mom and his mom decided that they should tell me that he was on his way. His flight came in at midnight, and to his complete surprise I was there. I knew that I loved him the minute we met. John asked me to marry him on the 4Th I was so happy. I knew that I had found Kaitlen the dad that she needed and me the husband I deserved. We married in my parents back yard at sunset on November 11,2006.

I loved everything about my wedding.

My new daughter Haven, Kaitlen and Crystal's children were all in our line.

We had such a pretty sunset.

So over the last few years my love for him has only grown. He makes me laugh daily and always reminds me life is to short to worry so much. We welcomed our third daughter on September 1, 2007. I cried when John blessed her on our 1 year anniversary, Payten was John's first blessing and he did such an amazing job.

I went to a web sight and turned his picture into 'him from the 80's with a mullet' so funny.

He is always making me laugh. He put a ribbon from his present on his head !

We were just playing around with me new camera. Look at those sexy arms!!

This is a shout out to RaLee!! We love her so much.

I'm counting the days until my wild man is home. He is amazing and I can't believe just how much I miss him!!


mj and that girl that loves him~ said...

Isn't true love great Jess. That's the way I feel about your uncle Mike. Through the good times and the bad, no matter what. I'm so happy you guys found eachother, I'm sure John loves and misses you just as much as you do him.But sometimes being apart makes you think about just that, and oh how sweet the reunion is when you get back into his arms.
:~) Have a great day~ love from us~

mj and that girl that loves him~ said...
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Eldredge Family said...

I love LITTLE JOHN! He is the man! I am glad he gets to see Haven and hang out with her for a little bit!

Jessica Caldwell said...

Yeah it's good he has had a fun time playing the Wii with them and seeing Haven. He wont go outside he thinks they are all nuts. He stands by the fire place and it reminds him of AZ. He is so funny

Amanda said...


When we were in Kingman John's friends noticed that his tolerance for the weather had changed! It's hilarious! I'm glad Little John loves the AZ weather!

Say Hello to Haven and we miss her and love her!

Sharron said...

Just remember, this young love only gets better! I'm glad that you have found te man to grow old with! Love you guys!

Jessica Caldwell said...

Sharron, I love young love. I cant imagiane there ever being a time when John can be gone and me not missing him. He is making sure that he is home for Valentines Day, I don't know why it means so much to me to share Valentines with him it's just a silly day but it's the day of love and I Love that Man !!

Liz said...

Ooops! I posted a comment but it looks like "the author" aka me...must have deleted it. I'm so thankful for John, I love his sense of humor and I so glad he finally got over being so stinking shy! Now that I know him he must have chewed the insides of his mouth bloody raw back in his "shy days" just to keep from saying something. I mean that sense of humor was probably getting tired of being reigned in all the time. Poor guy. But like I said I'm thankful for John and the love he shows ALL of his girls. He was so bummed that day at the airport when he thought I was picking him up to take him home to surprise you when instead you stepped out from behind that pillar at the airport and surprised him. Oh well, live and learn. I miss hearing the basketball bouncing and bouncing and bouncing on the cement. That man needs a piece of cement, a hoop and ball! He will be home before you know it. Now lets see if I get this posted correctly.

Liz said...

Hey where's the post full of Montana Pix's JOhn took of Haven and his family? I check several times a day can't wait to see them.

Liz said...

Still waiting for those pictures...I hope the internet is up and runnign so I can see them. Love ya