Friday, February 27, 2009

Outside Fun

I think that Payten waits patiently all day for Kaitlen to come home from school. Payten loves to play outside with Kaitlen, most days they go on some of the craziest adventures. (all due to Kaitlen's imagination)

This time they were driving to the store to pick me up some flowers and milk.

Santa brought Kaitlen that Barbie Jeep when she was almost two. It needs a new battery I don't have the heart to trash it the kids play in it all the time.

I love Payten's smile, when you take her picture she says 'Cheese'

Kaitlen got out and Payten was sure mad at her! Then she got herself stuck trying to get out.

I bought this slide for Kaitlen when she was 12months old. This slide has seen many kiddie pools and little hines. Now it's Payten's turn to love it, she goes down it all by herself.

"Cheese Mom"

Kaitlen was reminding me that her beloved bike needed a new tube. Kids always know how to make you feel like crap.


Liz said...

LOVE the pictures of the girls. The one of Payten is priceless...super cute smile...and Kaitlen's bike tube did you get her one for her birthday? If not email me the tire size and I will pick one up for her until you can buy her those "No pop" tubes. Your place looks all green. Email me pictures of the window too.

Love you, Mom

Jessica Caldwell said...

Yeah we bought her new tubes for her birthday we already gave those to her, we just need to air them up. I love Payten's smile she is so funny. Kaitlen also has started that funny big kid smiling her new school pictures are so funny

Eldredge Family said...

Patee is so cute! I bet she needs a little brother or sister to play with while Kate MA is at school! Wink WInk! I love all of your girls so much! I can't wait to see pictures of all 3 of them together!