Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sun Burn in February

You would think that after living in the valley of the sun for 16 years I would know better, but I thought it's February there is no way that the kids can get a sun burn. I must have been thinking the dark skinned kids, because my very white little girl burned like a lobster. Her very protective daddy was not to happy to come home from work and see her little checks bright red, needless to say they get smothered in sun screen even in February!!

Payten, played outside all day with Kaitlen. I love how dirty she gets, I think she eats more dirt then she does dinner. Can you see her checks beginning to turn red?

We love her so much, she is a lot of fun!

John took these pictures of her little face after her bath. I felt so bad that she had burned, I was hoping it was the hot water from her tub that made her checks so red.

If you ask her to say cheese she gives you the best smile in the world!


Liz said...

She is so cute! Did she burn today? It was pretty cool and rainy today. I loved the rain and can't wait for the second storm to hit. I'm so glad John and Carl made it to Montana safely. I bet Haven was exstatic!

Jessica said...

She burnt last week yesterday was to cold for her to go out. I'm glad they made it safe also. Carl bought a Wii, so that has kept them busy.

Amanda said...

He must have really enjoyed the Wii! It's an awesome console!

Poor little Pay Pay!

Eldredge Family said...

Jayden is getting Tanned but it makes her look dirty!

Jessica Caldwell said...

She is like you dark skin, I bet she looks beautiful. Kaitlen has a tan from her bike her arms and neck are brown when she is in the tub she looks so funny.

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