Sunday, March 1, 2009

Best Birthday Ever MOM

Today we had the 'cake' party for Kaitlen it was a lot of fun. I was a little worried when Crystal showed up and poor Royal Wayne had gotten very car sick on the way over, plus Chris had taken the LONG way to my house that's never fun. Not to mention the behind the scene stress, John was extremely busy at work today and on top of that one of his employees called in 'sick' again. He was so worried that he would be late or not be able to make it at all. The big problem with this is he was the pizza and the cake getter. I was very happy when he pulled up before everyone else and the party was a go!!


Before everyone came!


Aunt RaLee, put Payten in Sage's car seat. Pay thought that it was so funny she sat in it for nearly 20 minutes, which is the longest she has held still since she learned to walk.

I worry about my floors and the kids getting hurt. Jayden crashed but lucky no tears!!


Liz said...

I think the party was a lot of fun especially the part where John was standing on the tote outside and it broke and he fell through it! That was some fancy footwork he did to keep from falling to the ground. But the cut up ankles aren't so funny. Isn't it strange how we laugh at times when we should me worried. ...Okay twilight moment here...remember the keys at Crystals house...well same thing only something inside my fire place. Of course I'm the only one up at 1am and it freaked me out. So I'm going to bed and snuggle next to Teele. Thanks again for the day!

Eldredge Family said...

Creepy!!!! I missed John's fancy footwork! I am glad she had a great birthday that always makes it fun! Yah jayden rarely cries when hurt she only cries if Trey does something to her!

Jessica Caldwell said...

This morning his ankles were sure hurting him, they are so cut up. He just knew he was going to fall on his face. I had been telling the kids to wear there shoes because of stickers AKA giant pieces of cactis that the wind blows into our yard. And there's my hubby outside standing on a tote bare foot when he fell and started running into the worst sticker part of our yard I just knew OWIE. Lastnight he told me that he could feel the stickers shoving into his feet but would rather have those then face plant in the dirt. It's about time he pulls something dumb, it gets tiresome that it's always me!

Liz said...

LOL no kidding! That's one reason why we laughed so hard because he is never the one to do something "dumb" it's usually him doing the laughing. Anyway his ankles had little cuts all over them I bet he's sore today.

Jessica Caldwell said...

oh what happened lasnight with the fire place?