Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Daddy's Day Off

For the next three days John is HOME and we all love having him around. Our house is filled with laughter, teasing and of course the occasional argument (don't want you all to think it's always perfect) We don't always have the money to go out and do things but we do make sure that we have fun at home. Today he jumped on the tramp with the girls, chased them around the house, danced with them to footloose, swung Payten around and laughed when she fell down (that's always funny) He played the Wii tank game with Kaitlen and didn't handle her beating him to well! I think he just let her win to make her happy. Then we played around of Tiger Woods Golf and of course he beat the pants off of us! I love that we can stay home and still have such a fun time together!

I don't know why he is wearing Payten's blankie but is was sure funny, even Payten was laughing at him. Maybe he thought he was Rocky as he beat us at golf.

Wii Fun !!

We love our Daddy!

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