Thursday, March 5, 2009


I have noticed that in almost every picture Payten looks homeless. Yesterday I took her picture as soon as she was dressed and hair comb just so I can feel better about myself and show everyone that she does get her hair comb and clean clothes everyday.

9 A.M.

10:30 A.M. Her bow is almost out and she is getting some fly aways.

NOON! She has a new outfit and no bow. From the looks of her shirt she needs a clean one already!


Liz said...

Jessica that is so funny. She does get dirty so fast! She's just happy, healthy, and very active! I love that little girl she is such a tender little sweetheart!

Eldredge Family said...

I know how hard it is to get them to look nice all day! I am so happy I only have 4 boys to deal with!