Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bus Stop Lunch

Today I was chatting with Mom online and I was telling her that I was bored and was thinking about walking the mile too Kaitlen's bus stop just for something to do. Then mom suggested I pack a lunch and walk the girls to the bus stop and have a picnic inside the little hut at the bus stop. So I made lunches, grabbed the sun screen and a blanket and we were on our way. I didn't tell Kaitlen what I was up too she thought that I was making her go clean cat poop at some lady's house she was very annoyed at me and did not want to go on our adventure.

(let me explain the cat poop lady) Sunday night I told Kaitlen that since she had the next two weeks off that I found her a job cleaning cat poop for a lady named June. I told her since she had to go to the doctor and had a birthday that she needed to pull her weight in the family. Every morning she wakes up and says that June lady must have forgotten to come get me!! I know it's mean but she is SO much fun to tease.

Ready to GO!

Leaving our house.

The view from the front of our house.

Not even ten minutes into our walk and Payten falls down and hurts her knee.

Another dirt road half way to the bus stop!

Payten showing Kaitlen her Knee, Kaitlen felt really bad for her she calls Payten a survivor because Payten didn't even cry.

This house has a wheel in the front yard so we stoped and snapped a picture!

The same house with the wheel has been abandoned for as long as we have lived here. It creeps me out that someone would just walk away from their house, I think that someone is dead inside and no one knows.

The bus stop hut!

I had the girl's pick wild flower's along the way we made vase's and laid down our blanket. Kaitlen is still thinking that the cat poop lady is coming to get her. She also thinks I'm crazy for eating at the bus stop.


On our way back Payten got tired she found a nice place to sit!

I recommended a short cut home and ended up with a LARGE piece of cactus in my shoe(toe)

Home at last!

Payten fell asleep with in minutes of being home!!


Liz said...

LOL this was really cute! See you had quite and adventure, cactus and Payten falling. I noticed her cheeks were all red does she do the same thing Kaitlen does when she's outside? I hope she got a nice long nap for you and telling Kaitlen it's time she pulled her own weight was hilarious! Cat poop? Poor girl. LOL

Jessica Caldwell said...

Yes her cheeks get red like Kaitlen they are both going to love high school!! We had a good time thank you for the suggestion!!

I love the cat poop it has been so funny she gets so sad when we talk about it. You would think that she would have figured it out by now it's almost Wednesday.

Eldredge Family said...

You guys are so mean! I think its funny you live in the sticks! I was the one who has always wanted to live out in the sticks and your the town girl!

I think Katy is so darn cute and so is Paytee! Thanks for such a cute post! I liked each picture! I would not be happy about those jumpy cactus!

Sharron said...

Hey why should she figure it out . . . when did you figure out that Rudolph's nose, etc. was Jon? That was so sweet! Jon loved it when he found out how long his "magic"
had lasted for you!

Jessica Caldwell said...

Crystal sometimes I wonder what the heck i'm doing living out here. It's ugly and dry plus the stikin cactus. Rustin knows how to live!! But I love my house and the kids can play outside and have plenty of room. Somehow it just works and we are al happy with it.

Sharron, oh my I believed in Santa for far to long because of Jon. I honestly with all my heart knew I had seen Rudolphs nose that Christmas Eve. Gosh I must have been 13-14 when I finaly stoped believeing in Santa!!

Crystal Eldredge said...

Sharron tell Jon it went too a fist fight with me! I was in 6th grade and some kid told me Santa was not real! I argued and argued. I was so angry that I reached over and popped him 1 on the nose. My Mom always did such a great job of keeping the Christmas spirit alive in our home! The nose the icing on the cake!

I totally LOVE your home JEsSICA it is perfect! can you say 4H????? Come on Jessica!

mj and that girl that loves him~ said...


Liz said...

I'm curious after Payten's "Nap" did she keep you up all night long last night? I know how that chica is when it comes to napping in the day...for more than 45 minutes or after 2pm! Hope you got some shut eye!
Sharron those kids believed in Santa for a long time after Jon's prank! It was the best Christmas thing ever!

Jessica Caldwell said...

yes payten went down after 1am, John finaly made her she cried herself to sleep!!

Jessica Caldwell said...

I was hoping no one notice my ugly green toes. I did the girls toes also for St.Patrics day.

Amanda said...

The pictures were so adorable! I loved them! I t looks like you had a fun adventure! I think I would go see what's in that house. I KNOW the ONE day I WILL find a HUGE sack of MONEY in a house like that! Check it out! Or you may make the news for finding the dead body! LOL!