Friday, March 6, 2009


All Kaitlen wanted for her birthday was an MP3 player, after much thought John and I agreed that she could have one. We didn't buy her the best it only holds about 150 songs. Kaitlen loves her MP3, of course she yells at you when she is talking and she is always singing a song out loud. John made the mistake of letting Payten have a listen and now I'm thinking that when Pay turns 2 she is going to be asking for an MP3 player just like her sister's.

She was singing to Taylor Swift in this picture!

I just thought she looked cute so I took these. I LOVE LOVE her smile !


Eldredge Family said...

That is darn cute! My kids don't even know about MP3 players! I love her pig tails!

Liz said...

Oh she looks adorable! LOVE these pictures. She is just a cutie pie I know I always say that but it's the truth. Was gone all day with Mandy so this was cute to come home to after a long day shopping IKEA and JoAnns! Busy day but fun. It was Isabelle's day for nursery cute stuff!