Sunday, March 8, 2009

Self Portrait

When Kaitlen started her new school back in September she was so excited because, her new school has music, library, computers, P.E and art class. She loves getting to participate in all of them. For nearly 2 months she would come home on Tuesdays and tell me all about her 'self portrait' she was making in art. One Tuesday she came home very upset because her picture came up missing. Her art teacher allowed her to start over again by this time Kaitlen said that all the cool art stuff had been used up. A couple of days ago Kaitlen brought me home her painting, I have laughed (in secret) over her art work. When I asked her why her face was orange she told me in a very annoyed tone 'all the skin color was gone' I LOVE kids!!

I know that I don't have much longer and her pictures will change. She will soon judge herself way to harshly. The over sized eye will be perfectly shaped and her orange face will most defiantly be skin color. So right now I cherish these little moments and look forward to the next.


Liz said...

LOL I LOVED her picture. I didn't know some one took her self portrait that is terrible. Don't you just love people some times? Glad you are taking time to cherish these moments for they are gone all to quickly!

Eldredge Family said...

I love her polka dotted t-shirt! I think she did a great job! I think Kat-Ma is the best at whatever she does! She cracks me up!