Thursday, May 5, 2011

Big Sky Move

Well its official, on April 25 my family moved to Montana! As requested by my sisters and mom I’m going to be blogging about our new adventures; and boy oh boy do we already have some stories for you!

John drove the moving truck and I drove our car, the first leg of our trip was uneventful witch I was grateful for. We spent the night in Kanab, Utah when we left Kanab the sun was shining and it looked to be a beautiful day. Not fifteen minutes into our drive it began to snow; for those of you whom don’t know me I have never driven in snow let alone mountain driving and snow! I was doing good as long as I was following behind John I wasn’t scared, however I was getting cold so I turned on my heater and to my surprise the darn heater didn’t work. Yep that’s right the heat wasn’t working and it’s snowing, did I mention that Caden has an ear infection he needed heat. I called John and he is mad that he didn’t think to make sure we had heat before we left. Anyway I’m not that freezing to death so we decide to travel on; we get into Nephi and the snow is coming down harder John finds a mechanic on GPS we pull in and they are expecting us thanks to my mother in law whom had called ahead for us! Long story short, they can’t fix our heater without ordering parts so we make the decision to just wait and fix it in the fall when we will really need it. We meet John’s longtime friend Troy for lunch and spent the night with John’s brother and his wife. The next day also starts out good John and I are making good time the kiddos are doing fantastic even Caden with his sick ears. We get to Missoula, Montana around 7:30 we have dinner and John and I decide to finish our trip, even though it’s going to be dark in a few hours. Before we pull out of the McDonalds parking lot John tells me “by the way you need to keep an eye out for deer, they come by the highway at night and if you hit one you and the kids could die!” Um thanks no pressure on my end it’s just the lives of my babies. We had been driving an hour or so when the rain began, and then snow, without a heater my windows begin to fog up. Now I can’t see out my windows and on top of that its mountain driving, watch for deer and a new sign watch out for long horn sheep next 20 miles. I have to turn the AC on to defog my windows and now I’m freezing to death, the kids have a pile of blankets on them there not cold. Caden, bless his heart has been a trooper the entire time until now, he started crying and didn’t stop for hours; I flashed John so he would pull over Payten had to pee, she was getting pretty desperate. John took Caden for me so I wouldn’t have to hear him screaming anymore that helped my nerves. We had about an hour left of driving before we got to my mother in-laws house, they met us on the highway and took the girls from the freezing car. My father in-law wanted to drive my car but I refused I had driven 647 miles that day and I wasn’t about to give up now. So now we have Linda and Caral in the front, I’m in the middle and John’s in the back when out of nowhere three deer run out in front of me. I slam on my breaks honk the horn and scare them away. That scared me so bad I was just so thankful I didn’t hit one. We arrive at John’s parents’ house around midnight. I was so glad, I successfully drove from Queen Creek, AZ to Libby, Montana It was awesome I loved the drive.

Next from Big Sky Country our 100 year old house!


Crystal Eldredge said...

I was so proud of you and driving the entire trip! Royal said his trip to Montana made him a man!!! HAHA! You grew up just a little bit more leaving the nest! Starting your own adventures! I am so happy for you and your family! I love you! and your family! I am glad you made it safely! I felt so bad that you had no heater and I am sure John felt bad as well! Cuz he had a heater! I can not wait to see pictures! It really is Gods Country!!!

Amanda Griggs said...

I drove that trip in the summer and with no snow, rain or cold temperatures and it was stressful. I am so proud that you drove the entire trip! The deer at the end of the trip would have scared the crap out of me! You guys have so many new adventures ahead of you! I miss you guys so much and I can't wait to see pictures!

Liz said...

I too am proud of you and the fact that you drove all the way! I have never even driven that far let alone with a sick baby and a broken heater.
I'm thankful you made it there safely and hope you are settling in nicely to you home. I can't wait to see your next blog post on your century old home!