Sunday, March 13, 2011

One Year and Five Days Later

Last year Kaitlen had her eighth birthday, we had just moved into our new apartment and hadn't even attended Church yet; plus I was due with Caden two weeks later. John and I decided to postpone her baptism for a few months until I was healed from Caden's birth and we had gone to Church for a few months in our new ward. Little did we know Miss Kaitlen would end up slipping on a piece of paper in her room and therefore breaking her Tibia and Fibula bone at the end of July. Her break was so severe that she was in a wheelchair for almost three months with a cast up to her hip. Then she was in a walking cast for a month. After she was all healed the relearning how to walk phase began for her. Now it's the middle of November and she still isn't Baptised yet. December comes and her cousin Royal Wayne turns eight. Crystal and I decide to Baptise them together! January comes and we are POOR from Christmas, February Crystal's niece Kennedy is getting Baptised on the same day as our Stake. March is looking good but now Kaitlen is going to be nine when she is finally baptised and that means we had the wonderful privilege of getting to hear the missionary lessons because if you are older then eight and have not been dunked you have to have the missionary lessons. Which also meant we had a Caldwell/Eldredge Baptism we didn't have to wait until March 19 for the Stake Baptism day. It was a very special day. I'm so proud of Kaitlen and Wayne for making the choice to become Members of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints.

The Baptismal Fount getting filled

Missionaries who taught Kaitlen and Wayne
Dad, Kaitlen and Mom
Cousins Royal Wayne and Kaitlen
Uncle Spencer(Waynes Dad) Baptised them. John was in a cast and couldn't Baptise Kaitlen, however he did give her the conformation blessing.


Liz said...

It was such a special day. I know it was a journey getting her baptized but I believe all things happen for a reason and for some reason she and Wayne were meant to be baptized together, to have the missionary lessons and out own special day with just the two of them. She has had a long year and I'm so proud of her. She is finally straightening her leg out more when she walks and her limp is barely noticeable. It was such a hard trial for her to go through but it has made her stronger and more self confident...and very careful(haha). I love my grandchildren!

Amanda Griggs said...

I am so happy that Kate is baptized and now has the Holy Ghost. She is such a precious girl, and love her so much. She has had a hard road to finally make it into those waters, but everything happens for a reason. She is turning into a very beautiful young woman! She is going to have some WILD girls camp stories from Montana!