Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Tomorrow Kaitlen will officially be done with third grade! Haven doesn't get out until the 9th! Both girls rocked this year and we are proud of them. I can't believe that our girls are going into the fourth grade, heck I remember fourth grade. Can I be old if I remember being 9 years old? Anyway I just want to let them know how proud of them I am and I can't wait to have them home for the summer. This will be our first summer in Montana with Haven, I'm looking forward to it. We have already encountered a cougar, dozens of elk and deer. My mother in-law has a bear that visits her place and John found a snakes house on Monday that the kids like to watch now. Over all summer has started out pretty good in Big Sky Country! I'm hoping to try fishing, and smores on a camp fire and not a charcoal grill! However it needs to stop raining long enough for us to see some SUN SHINE!!!

PS. Love and Miss you ALL!


Sharron said...

the sun shine will come, and when it does you'll see wonderful wild flowers going wild.

You need to have a couple of pictures of this lovely desert hanging to remember what you are missing! YUCK! So tired of it getting uglier every year . . that's all I have to say about that, well, not really, you know me!

Eldredge Family said...

I keep reading about all off your fun! I need pictures! Enough said.....pictures lady. Love and miss you all.

Liz said...

Miss you too! Glad your enjoying life and send some rain down our way, especially around Greer and Springerville, the fire sure needs it!