Friday, August 5, 2011

Camping at the YAAK

Well we have successfully been camping twice this summer, hoping to fit in one more trip before the kids, John and I start school again. Our first trip was just for one night John and I decided that our 30 year old bones don't sleep well on the ground. This time around we made sure to buy air mattress and we all slept better even Caden. Caden is my professional camper, he was made to be outside in the dirt, I have never seen him so happy just sitting in a dirt pile with his shovel. He didn't even try to swim with the girls all he wanted was his shovel and bucket. The girls on the other hand needed to be entertained, fortunately they found their entertainment in the YAAK River. I like saying YAAK it sounds like you have something in your throat. They also loved coming up with skits for John and I, I was proud of Payten she learned her lines and was able to be included in the big girls fun. John and I learned a lesson from some old timers, after talking about them collecting twigs all day, we learned that night, that their fire was awesome and our fire wood fire was small and struggling. John and I went out and collect some twigs and soon had a blazing fire. Those old timers knew what they were doing after all! I love getting to spend time with my kids and hubby, we learn to work together, good old family time can be really fun and enjoyable. I can't believe that it's already August and that winter is soon approaching, a good attitude is whats going to get me threw this winter.


Sharron said...

good for you two! This kind of family time is the most precious! .. and you are still making me so jealous!

Jessica Caldwell said...

You and Jon have an open inventation any time we would love to have you. If you fly South West to Spokane it's not that far from us and 100x cheaper then flying into Kalispell. I'd love to show you the falls and the Ross Creek Cedar Trees!

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